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If love is not mutual. 5 tips to fall in love with a man?

If love is not mutual. 5 tips to fall in love with a man?
You are looking at very, very light on the eyes of men and see them in cold indifference and interest in anything, not to you. Ready for any actions for the sake of reciprocity and despair covers your consciousness. Stay! Do not make hasty steps, which can lead to fatal errors. You still have a chance to be together, but they need to use wisely. How to fall in love with a man? Let's deal.

Useful advice in matters of love:

1. Be prey rather than predator

Whatever the pace did not develop our modern world, the stronger sex has always been, is and will be the hunters. So give him the opportunity to hunt and conquer. But this does not mean not to take the initiative at all. We need to have patience, endurance and wisdom. Create a situation, bringing together and face you. But the young man could not even guess that this is your doing. Just a coincidence! Gently push it to a certain (desired you) steps.

Hint elect about their interest in him. Gently. But, in any case do not disclose and do not confess your love before there will be reciprocal feelings. Any of your actions should lead ultimately to the fact that a man achieves mutuality, caring, well, you seem to be "for", but are in some doubt and indecision.

2. Be kind and positive

Young people need to see you are almost always in a good, positive mood. No endless "vests" does not ship its own problems. And let weakness manifests itself physically. Give him the opportunity to help, for example, to move something heavy to carry ... but does not require, a cute smile, ask for help.

It is also undesirable that out of your mouth in the presence of the future bridegroom took off profanity, rude, expressive condemnation of anyone sarcasm. Kindness, compassion, good looks, femininity - that's what attracts men. Especially avoid criticism toward the beloved.

3. Do not focus on the future relations

You have to impress a self-sufficient individual. Well if you are any interests, hobbies. Better yet, if some of your hobbies (so strange) coincide with his predilections. The more the general will, the easier it will be to get close.

Although all you need to know when to stop. Can not tolerate football - do not pretend fan. Lies will reveal, and it is hard to restore confidence. But to show a negative attitude to the fact that so expensive and pleasure to a man, it is not necessary. It is better to admit that you know nothing of it, and let it explains and says, enters into all the details of the case. Do you listen carefully and with interest.

4. Shut up and listen

Nothing paints the woman as the ability to listen, when a man says. Do not interrupt him. Let your eyes he sees a sincere interest, sympathy and participation. Ask plenty of questions, especially about him the most. At the moment, for a young man is the most attractive topic on which he did not bother to talk for hours. Encourage him to his pleasant surprise and delight them. Praise, but do not overdo it. It must remain in the memories of the beloved is not flattery, and then what he a delightful, clever, skillful. And what a tremendous impression on you.

If the conversation arises pause counting on the fact that you talk about yourself or your interlocutor will ask you a question. Briefly, without any details, answer it, or share some small episode in the theme of your life. And immediately translate all the "arrow" to the man.

5. Transfer the love and positive emotions chosen

Try to establish between you most trust relationship in which a man would want to be frank, sharing memories and feelings for ex-girlfriend, talk about those moments when he loved. Listen, sympathy and understanding. Jealousy should in no way spoil the effect of the transfer. Try to translate it from negative to positive episodes from the past, so he shifted to have only good feelings and love.

Not everyone is ready to lay out at once all the secret of his soul. Be patient, show tact and understanding. Do not climb unceremoniously into the inner world, digging up the past, if a man is not yet any desire to share it. After a while he decides to revelation.

To fall in love with a man , you should avoid haste and reckless behavior. The mystery, kindness, wisdom, understanding - the main advantages of the woman, in which the elect will see after some time, that unique, coveted and unique lady love.

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