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Love affairs: development and trend

Love affairs: development and trend
Love relationships are different from other types of communication the following two objectives: the desire to have children in the future and always be together. Such relationships are built for the future. The purpose of the relationship - a future in which there is peace and joy. But not always this is happening just as we wish. Without even realizing, only one person will be with us, who will fully everything as it is, and wants to be together always.

If you are a long time together, it is worth considering, where are you this way may lead. If you look openly at the statistics, the three couples, only one becomes a real family. If you are already familiar with such statistics, then it is necessary to know the impediments to marriage.

The main obstacles:

1. Conflict with relatives. This may be a conflict directly with the parents of both partners or only one family, but the influence of the parents has a greater destructive power.

2. Young age lovers. Lovers learn at school or a university, but have no earnings no. In this case, the partners are free to admit to each other that is not the time to raise a family. The same goes for the future, when you are already working, but you have a small income, not have their own housing, no further prospects for marriage.

3. When partners are at a distance from each other. For example, when a military man, or one of the partners is often on business trips, etc. Initially, we try not to pay attention to the separation, but a little later at some point we realize that the presence of a loved one nearby - the success of the relationship.

4. The disease is one of the partners. If you have created a relationship with a healthy person, you will by all means to fight for his recovery. But if it drags on, the probability of survival decreases relations. Partner who has serious health problems, he can simply abandon the relationship, so that the second partner had a chance to gain relationship with a healthy person.

5. Lack of confidence in each other. Many even a couple of years of living together is still not ready to go to the next level - to create a family.

One of the terrible diagnosis for partners - "make friends." I never have to think that relationship will always be, and your partner is not going anywhere. It is always necessary to understand at what point in the relationship you are in. If you get to the peak of the relationship, you need to create a family, and if you're not ready, then it is better to disperse.

Consider the signs when you are very close to the peak of relations.

1. Have you always together, always drawn to each other. In fact, you already difficult and time to live without talking to your loved one.

2. Sexual relations have become stable. You already know at a glance partner, do not have anything to say words, gestures enough.

3. You have rolls ardent feelings. You would think that you constantly want to "recapture" the partner.

4. All of your friends, acquaintances and relatives know that you often spend the night together, you definitely have a sexual relationship. Periodically you spend time together on vacation, for a few weeks. This means that you are looking at each other, to create a family in the future.

With some experience, you can safely stretch peak relationship for a couple of years. At this time you will solve their various problems. But as soon as you have reached this very peak, immediately build a "family camp".

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