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How to recognize a lonely girl?

How to recognize a lonely girl?
Men are assured: lonely girl is markedly different from the companionship in. And you can notice the difference from the very first glance, and confirm the suspicion in the second minute of communication.
I asked the young people to a single question: "What gives the lonely girl?" And the responses received tried to organize ... and sometimes challenge. What gives the lonely girl?

"I kind of lonely women face ..." What do you mean "sort of"? The majority of respondents characterize face lonely girl as "dissatisfied" or "sour". However, men are well aware that this sign has a value only in certain places and situations. If a girl with a sour countenance appears at a party in a club or in a park, man's logic says the following: it is to find - it is not satisfied with the results - she was lonely. If a woman with a disgruntled look on his face in the public transport, especially in the morning, most likely, it is either not enough sleep, or someone has hurt a diplomat and she "went" tights. "In a lonely girl looking and calling glance ... " Among the responses fell into this category, there was even such:" in view of lonely ladies Mzrilin Monroe as if saying, "I'm all yours! You - a stunning man! " Many people say that single girl look" lit ", in short, the definitions of many, are one: Free Man can be distinguished from" occupied "by calling the view, and the view that men are very, very much in the process. girl should be face to face with the object. If it is about loneliness and thinks that nobody sees, and her eyes, however, burns, most likely it is already in love with someone in love. or she just raised salary.

"Lonely girl appreciates ..." by the way, on the basis of defined unmarried women Gosha from the film "Moscow Does not believe in tears" "you have an appraising look, and look only to unmarried women," -. he said heroin Alentova it is. . about the first moments of contact with the alleged object Whoever met on the road lonely girl - boy, boy, zapravsky alcoholic, gay and gorgeous husband - her face appears expression evaluator commissary first it assesses whether it is interesting that a man or a. no, then - the degree of its attractiveness. The next item is estimated age, then - solvency. In the words of the girl's face, you can understand and at what point it starts assessing the position of the object family. "Lonely Woman give eyes full of hope ..." Many men believe that women "employed" are more down to earth view, since they do not expect to that - the most interesting (fateful meeting or march by Mendelssohn) had already been in their lives. In addition, married, interested in issues vital - life and family problems. And just do not care about living alone, for example, problems in the relationship with existing partner ... Most likely, this item is directly related to the previous point, since the majority of respondents listed it after "an appraising look." Of course, the hope in her eyes appears only if the assessment of satisfied lonely girl.

"Lonely girl groomed ..." Most often, the item was mentioned by respondents not capital. "The less well-groomed woman, so she married", - said one of the respondents. Apparently, all this is the truth: the married woman is often no time for themselves - the family takes not only time but also money. In addition, married can "calm down" and stop trying, because "her husband was found." However, there is a fair category of unmarried girls, but not lonely, which also often well-groomed. "An unmarried woman is doing everything possible to marry his existing boyfriend, hence a desire for self-improvement", - he said one of the respondents. We have such a definition does not like it, we prefer this option: love girl wants to please boyfriend, hence a desire for self-improvement. But we can not agree with one thing: in a lonely or not lonely, but unmarried women time and opportunity to engage in a little bit more than the mother of the family.

"A lone woman is easily recognized during specific holidays - 8 March, Valentine - when nearby. it no one goes ... " it seems to paragraph 1, but here it is not about facial expression, namely that a lonely girl in" specific holidays "alone, without flavor and without a gift. " lonely girl often goes to night club ... "," Almost all the girls at the disco alone ... " That's right - if she does not earn money there, and if she did not come back with her ​​boyfriend. Or maybe she often appears in the club because her boyfriend - the art director or the bartender at this place. Where in this case it has to go in the evenings? "No single girls at the nightclub immediately obvious: they do not look around, no one study, not sad, not looking - they go there, not in order to meet the prince, and to relax and have fun" - so sort through this point . one of the respondents "lonely girl looks cheeky into focus when you are in the company of other girls ..." The statement, of course, does not refer to all the girls alone, but all the same is true for many of them - so men say. The rest of the lonely girl instantly lose all interest in the project, if next to it paces the other person.

"Lonely girl always looks sexy ..." According to many respondents, the lone lady can be distinguished by ammunition - mini-skirt, a red varnish on the nails long transparent blouse, bright lipstick and other attributes that can be used to attract male attention. This item relates to tidiness, manicure and styling needed to "tempting" look. By the way, none of the respondents did not give a discount on a particular profession - they have a miniskirt and red lacquer required. Apparently, for the naive men are attractive girls in mini -. Lonely looking for warmth ladies "Lonely girl making shopping on weekdays ..." Why? In this none of the respondents answered in this way, he did not give an intelligible explanation. Rather, they believe that in the weekends lonely girls not to purchases (they are looking for). . Or during the week they have the time, in contrast to the "occupied" girlfriends, they do not hurry home at night to her husband and does not suggest the gloss before the next meeting ,

"Lonely Woman easy to find on the Internet ..." And so on what grounds. Symptom one: lonely girl chooses a very loud nickname - Cleopatra, Queen Margot, the Queen of Darkness, Milady, and so on. Symptom two: the lonely girl chooses a speaker nickname: Assol, Gentle Angel, Mouse. Symptom three: lonely girl willingly communicates with masculine nicknames, ignoring . replica "kittens", "Cleopatra", "girls with character" Symptom four: lonely girl spends a lot of time online, especially at night (what she has to deal with .This time - do not sleep well in fact?). "the lonely girl looking for an excuse ... " As it turned out, lonely girl pretends to be in the first minutes of communication. First and foremost, she is trying to find out if an object of interest her free. And secondly, suffering from "inferiority" of his lonely position, it acts on the reverse and immediately makes it clear that "marriage is not going to, and cherish their freedom." Let me remind you: this man's opinion.

"Lonely girl often change partners ..." Some men think that in this way she is looking for a suitable life partner, others are more categorical: "Feeling unclaimed, lonely girl starts a one-off novels, often with just anyone . promiscuity in sexual relations produces an inferiority complex, it wants to raise self-esteem in this way and look popular in the public eye. " We also think that a lonely girl just trying to take everything from life until the circumstances allow. "In a lonely girl pristine kitchen ..." Men think that single women rarely eat at home, and even less prepared. Two of the respondents noted that "the lonely girl in a refrigerator nothing but moldy yoghurt and cream for the face." Although, if a man invited the girl to his kitchen, this in itself means that it is likely free. Unless he's a plumber.

"Lonely girl does not go to where the girls go not alone, and does not waste time when there is no single men ..." In the opinion of men, women "in search of" do not go to the club florist shops to newborn, salons wedding dresses and so on. And, accordingly, go to the pool, driving courses, computer Salop, internet cafe and building materials markets. Remarkably, none of the respondents suggested a simple explanation: in the pool, for example, a single girl walks to keep fit, and she drove the car wash because the car came out of her oil. Nevertheless, the proportion of common sense in the notes of men, perhaps it is.

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