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What kind of girls do you like guys

What kind of girls do you like guys
The question of what girls like boys, does not lose its relevance. Young beautiful half of humanity is constantly trying to figure out who is dearer - touchy, flirt or a tomboy? Of course, in addition to a pretty face is something else to be. This zest and looks for a lot of guys.

It would seem that "gray mouse" with glasses does not get out of the libraries and all his free time spent on the study of new microbial species, but it is worth it just to wear lenses and guys smile for her walk on his heels. The other beautiful dresses, her sense of style, many would envy, and communicating with the opposite sex can not get on at all.

No matter what you have in your hands - a basketball or a book on linguistics, it does not make sense if you are in a cocktail dress or dressed in shorts, because male first assesses sincerity. Sometimes a smile cleans all at once (and even language!) Barriers between people.

What is the psychology of the guys? Do you think they are on a particular algorithm in choosing a companion? If there is some kind of algorithm that everyone has his own. One looks for "surrogate" mothers, the other - the explosive, irrational person, living one day. Maybe at this stage of their lives and they need those girls. So, if there are guesses about the beloved, learn to cook soup and stand on skis.

There is also the type of guys who are looking for little princesses that are significantly younger than their naive, clap eyelashes and enthusiastically listen to each issued from their mouths the word. They feel their superiority, trying to raise a favorite for themselves, to teach everything. This can be used, but should not be foolish to expose himself. The mind - one of the few qualities that will always be men a priority when choosing lover. With silly fun only in the company, but not at the dinner table.

The girls, who know his worth, not less popular among boys. From a distance they seem mysterious, inaccessible, which can not hurt this man. However, you need to watch their manners and behavior, and that so far to reach arrogance. Do girls like guys who smoke a cigarette and with them, and drink a bottle of beer? Yes, there are such, but whether they are ready to offer a hand and heart so that's "ladies"? Hardly.

If you want to please guys, do not have them read the book. Create your own image of a sweet, slightly naive, a mysterious girl with peppercorn, show that you are not in an easily accessible. This pattern of behavior play in your favor unambiguously.

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