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Infidelity - live or die?

Infidelity - live or die?
Sadly, but the marriage did not know about cheating in our time are rather closer to the exclusion from the rules, though the marriage ethic is just on the side of the said exceptions. And often it turns out that, wanting a little hidden pleasure amending brings home explicit big problems. How to be a betrayal of the offended person? Excuse me? Or leave? And forget everything faster?

In fact, universal pills from the stress caused by a betrayal, no - so we are all different, and so different from the forward to his life partner. One person can soon pull the plug, "to understand and forgive," but the second lifetime spouse will be a "cold hamburger" that someone has eaten. So if there are tips that can help everyone?

First you need to ignore the problem. It will help with separation faithful man, so long to experience a surge of resentment, anger, or frustration and have a sober judge whether in fact need a partner. We all know that emotions - this is extremely undesirable seasoning to the right decision. Even if the decision concerns the whole bouquet of emotions - namely, love.

Then you can pass the initiative in the hands of "unfavorable" partner and see how serious he refers to the fact of betrayal. After all, mistakes teach us to do the right thing, no matter what it concerned. Change and repentant man may well come to their senses and no longer hurt its second half - the only question the sincerity of repentance. Treason is, repeated twice or more - this is a pattern that can hardly be broken.

The main thing - is to listen to your and only your opinion. Easily set of advisors can be found in the lurch, and it is absolutely contradictory. Everyone will then be right, but only for himself. And only for himself an individual can choose the criteria for remission of neighbor - thought, weighed "for" and "against" and following the dictates of the heart.

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