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What if the husband has changed?

What if the husband has changed?
If your spouse is at ease talking to girls around him, then, knowing his character, you have to decide - is it worth it or not to be jealous. Perhaps sociability - a specific feature, that is, conversations and courtship to nothing lead.

If the act of adultery in no way confirmed, do not rush to accuse him of infidelity. Maybe someone of your "well-wishers" just saw him with another woman, and you made the wrong conclusion. Most likely, your suspicions are groundless. Also, suspicions should not be based on your feelings. If the husband was a long time to stay in the office, and there appeared a pretty brand new secretary, it still does not speak about anything, because the fact of treason inconclusive.

Talk to seriously loved. Most men are not capable of skillful deception. If he did not do anything, your unfounded accusations it will touch, as if he on the side of someone there, then wait for the details that are not relevant "to the case." Your spouse can come up with excuses, switching from one topic to another. Then it is worth considering ...

If you know exactly the presence of a rival, then do not rush to conclusions, try not to make tantrums. Find out how far all has gone. If it was a passing craze, and now he was very remorseful of their deeds, then think about forgiveness - do not cut off the shoulder. Do not rush to divorce unfaithful elect, because the separation may be too high price to pay for a simple affair. In a conversation with her husband to emphasize the fact that the more you do not intend to forgive. Your man, realizing that because of his mistress could lose faithful wife and a strong family, forget about their "exploits".

Uncommon situation where cheating is somewhat different - my husband just lost interest in his wife, but his mistress part, he does not want. In this case, a pair of best divorce as to revive the relationship will not be easy. In the office, the wife probably work well maintained and beautiful woman on the background of which the wife would like to provoke treason. The main thing - is regularly look for ways to help make family life a bright, interesting and eventful. Try at all times to monitor their appearance, to dress, to lead an active lifestyle.

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