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What is honesty in the relationship?

What is honesty in the relationship?
The desire to build a harmonious relationship inherent not only in women but also in men. Though there is an opinion that psycho-emotional atmosphere in the home depends on the female half of humanity, but men are also concerned about the welfare of all spheres of the family - not just the material and money, but also spiritual. Therefore, building a happy atmosphere in the family - the prerogative of both spouses.

Honesty is one of the main criteria of compatibility spiritual men and women. If they both show their sincerity towards each other, while fully disclosed souls. This is the most important thing in all respects, because not all communication ends by family ties. Otherwise, there are a deceit, lies, concealment and so on.

What is honesty in the relationship? Firstly, it is the revelation of the shower. When a person is fully disclosed to the partner, then he begins to trust, to love and to strive to keep the relationship. Talking to each other is that there are in fact, no matter how bitter and unpleasant it may be, verified partners feelings. Try to say that you are not ready to create a family - and you will see that most people take this news as your failure, but you just are not ready yet. The point is not desired, and in readiness. And his partner leaving demonstrates that he does not need you, and stamp in the passport and the demonstration of their social status.

If people love each other, together they will go through the bitter truth, if only to stay together and achieve what they both want.

Secondly, honesty helps the person to facilitate his spiritual weight. You can not resort to deception, stealth, and just talking the real thing. Many call it selfishness, they say, made ​​himself well, and another - bad. But in fact, only one person is willing to sincere and honest relationships, who understands that he is not so perfect to be eternal messenger of good news to his beloved.

What do you choose: the bitter truth or sweet lie in the first case, you show your maturity and readiness for a serious relationship. In the second case, you are still in the clouds, with whom do not want to get off, even if your partner would be a scoundrel and a bastard. However, after you finally have desired to come down to earth for a short while and look around you, do not blame others for their troubles. That you did not want to know the truth!

Third, honesty is an important test for the young people and their relationships. Try to learn about your partner something "unpleasant", but also all continue to love it, as you have done up to this point. Many lose to "uncovering the truth" war, most couples breaks. But only the few who survived the sake of relationships and feelings, have proven their dedication and willingness to "be in sorrow and in joy" to those people who have chosen.

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