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"Holy" things in a man's life

In the women's nature to desire not only to create a cosiness in the house, but also monitor the activities of all the inhabitants. This also applies to the husband. Men desire is not always approve. There are some things which relate strictly prohibited.

His relatives
Men - being independent. Yet they are often considered to be sufficient to mothers opinion. Mom will certainly give its opinion on the question of whether you travel for vacation or buying a new car. Often, it may be contrary to the opinion of the bride. Consider the costs and the fact that the husband has other relatives. And each of them can make a spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey. To row does not make sense in this situation. his parents and relatives to her husband - the most native people. Because he always takes their side. Reasonable wife is better to remain silent. Repeated repetition of the incident still is to talk frankly with her husband. However, to speak negatively about his family is not necessary. Openly hostile to female relatives of her husband would only exacerbate the conflict.

Close friends
These are the native people, ready to help out in the most difficult moment. However, there is in a beautiful theory. But in practice it turns out that the friends are not such and reliable. They appear at the most inopportune moments, pulled her husband out of the house for the regular drinking, the choice of "cool cars" or watching a football match. The dispute with the man has no effect. Attempts to show the door as friends will be useless. A showdown with his half will only lead to quarrel. Male, likely to take from others. In such a situation the woman is better to remain silent. And while men sip a beer at the TV screen, the woman can go shopping fashion, beauty salon, or just chat with friends.

Menu men
Some men choose to lose a little extra weight. Excerpts enough for a couple of days. And then fished out of the refrigerator the most delicious delicacies. Forcing her husband's diet is not necessary. Secretly, he would sneak to the fridge to get some snacks. Reminding about the health of man is useless. All the same advice to the female man hardly listen.

I enjoy a man is usually one, but for a lifetime. Often, men spend all their free time doing favorite pastime. At the same time given to not only spiritually, but also financially. Often, part of the salary is spent on the acquisition of brands, creation of wooden ships. Many men spend their time at the computer, killing monsters or freeing the ancient civilization of mythical creatures. Such hobbies men often cause resentment. However, his hobby for her husband - a serious thing. And treat it is quite serious. And not to panic every time my husband does what he likes, and should look for yourself fun.

Things husband
Every man has his personal belongings: mobile phone, laptop, tools, lighter, collectible model cars. They belong exclusively to him, because it is not necessary to touch them. Even in cases when it is necessary to remove dust. Things belonging exclusively to man, helping him feel comfortable.

Wives often make a serious mistake, interfering in all affairs of her husband. A man needs a little bit of free time to relax with friends, hobbies. Understanding and approval of his hobbies, giving some leeway significantly raise a woman in men's eyes. This ensures harmony and harmony in the relationship between spouses.

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