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Happiness is not all it is important

Happiness is not all it is important
It is believed that happiness is a basic human need. But it turns out that not all require this of equal importance. Scientists from the University of Cambridge found that the attitude of happiness in different representatives of different peoples.

The experiment consisted in the fact that the researchers told the participants to remember and imagine pleasant moments, namely, when they experienced positive emotions and feelings, such as love, joy. At the same time, the participants had to answer, how many are willing to pay to feel these emotions within an hour. Then, participants were asked to imagine the negative emotions and determine how much they would be paid to them not to test for an hour.

In two dimensions, Europeans and Asians were similar: if you take the positive emotions, they are in most cases want to feel love. If we consider the negative emotions, the least amount of money they want to pay for something that does not feel boredom.

Differences appeared in the following: Asian money invested primarily in the not to feel negative emotions, and the Europeans is to test positive. Moreover, Europeans have fortunately given second place (first make love), and Asians - the eighth.

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