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5 girls errors when communicating on dating sites

5 girls errors when communicating on dating sites
We talked with men seeking partners on dating sites, and found that repels them first. If you want to turn your virtual communication in real, check if you do not allow one of these mistakes.

1) place the wrong photo
If the photos you are sealed in tight mini-skirts with a deep neckline, you will attract attention, but it is unlikely to produce the desired impression of you. Avoid photos with duck lips in favor of those which you just smile and let your body will be covered even some clothes, except strings.

2) the expected invitation to dialogue from a guy
All women want to taking care of them. But do not sit for hours, waiting for you to someone write. Do not assume that if you have watched the profile of Man, it will automatically understand that you are interested in them. In fact, more often the other way around: he sees that you look his page, but nothing has been written, and I thought that did not like you. Maybe he was interested in you, but now he is confident that if you write, it will be denied. So do not hesitate to write, "Hello!".

3) Ignore undersized and bald
Suppose that you are wearing heels and you do not want to seem basketball player next to her boyfriend. If you are too narrow down the range of the search, you can miss out on a real gem (by the way, Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt following their girls). Seriously think about what you need and what you want! Also remember that many things change over time. The character - is unlikely, but the clothes accurately.

4) to hide your age
Do you think that you will go your forty and thirty-two? Maybe so, but it would not have an awkward situation when a guy in person accidentally see your passport. We need to accept and love ourselves at any age! Besides, look what the guys are looking for younger girls - they will hardly enjoy. You want to find a guy who will appreciate you regardless of how many candles you light on your cake?

5) remembers his former
Your photos are great, your profile in order, and that's between you and the candidate quite nice chat ensued. Do not destroy his mention of her former boyfriends. Men do not want to hear that your previous gentleman was greedy or too much playing computer games. Or on the contrary, that it was just ideal. Focus on the guy with whom you are communicating, so it does not become your next ex.

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