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Who is your friend, and who - the enemy?

Who is your friend, and who - the enemy?
It is not always the one who played a dirty trick to you, is the enemy . It is not always the person who pulled you out of trouble is a friend . The most ideal option - all to be careful and not to fall into a situation that you can not cope, or not familiar with the people who hurt you again. But this requires a high level of awareness and a good knowledge of human psychology. However, not all people have these properties, so are periodically "the same rake" or "find" new troubles.

Not everyone who has offended you, is the enemy . Even in spiritual treatises written about the fact that every person is a different teacher. And perhaps what your abuser is a teacher for you, that shows your weaknesses, false judgments or wrongdoing. Once you have offended, think why it happened? As you have contributed to this event? Quite often you can not choose the people with whom it makes sense to communicate. Then you just need to review their criteria by which you choose people to their friends, favorite partners or friends. Establish more stringent and clear selection frame to the next time immediately refuse to communicate with people who you hurt.

It is not always the person who helped you to cope with the disaster, is a friend . It operates a simple economic principle that helped you, now you have to help others. Very often people do not help each other out of the goodness of his heart, and to just have to ever pay down your debt. How can such people be called friends? Of course not. If after the help you need from a reverse service, then you have earned no other and just become a debtor.

Do not look at anyone who makes you uncomfortable, as enemies . After analyzing your mistakes, you can understand the reasons are in such a situation. Do not look at all to help you people as friends, some of them just want to make you his debtor to then request help from you. Judge not always clear. Look at the situation, to understand who your friend , and who - the enemy .

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