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4 council how to attract the attention of a man

4 council how to attract the attention of a man
Many single women, walking in splendid isolation, often encounter reaching happily discussing something couple, and then there is a burning desire to just go with the guy's hand and be proud of yourself, "Yes, I am, and this is my boyfriend, I was successful." How, then, to achieve a result? How to Attract a Man? What do I do it? We will try to answer these questions.

So, you need to know the most important thing is not only beautiful external data and dressed in expensive things girls attract guys. Relatively many painted like "Barbie doll". Remember, no beautiful women does not happen! For this reason, you should definitely set a goal for themselves: not only the appearance, but also the effect to present themselves in any situation, as well as a taste for dress and grooming define your feminine beauty and charm. Therefore, even in a attractive girl is always a greater chance of success dating.

First, start with your hair. Take time for your hair, they do not need to be crumpled. Remember the hair - the basis of attractiveness. Next, your makeup. He must be moderate, not bring themselves to a state of "plastering" all necessary measure and harmony. Now your clothes, it should emphasize your figure. Do not dress too openly, do not need to show yourself, do not go to extremes. And most importantly - your gait. Few people like a girl walking a terminator. First of all, remember their own femininity.
We now consider the aspect of the behavior of a man.

Second, you have to value yourself and accept for what it is. If only for your own shortcomings is constantly thinking - disposition to pessimism provided to you. Sour face and dark thoughts repel from himself any person. Remember, you have to love yourself, so going on a date, to adjust themselves only positive emotions.

In the third, your rainbow smile from the heart, and a sparkle in his eyes - perhaps before that can resist at least one guy? Remember that you are a girl and your main weapon eyes - "shoot" eyes!

And, fourthly, on a date a guy needs to understand that you're interested in listening to him , it was his, so the ability to keep the conversation will ensure your corresponding effect. You always have to express their opinion, which is clearly better than monosyllabic answers. Try these simple tips from their own experience.

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