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Why do not forgive men?

Why do not forgive men?
When a man and a woman burns the fire of passion, men tend to think that they are ready to forgive favorite everything. But it is worth just a little bit of passion cool down as they come to a sober assessment of his companion. For example, they understand that there are things that they will never accept. Moreover, they do not forgive, no matter how hard. Love in this case does not help, she will die first. After all, in any relationship there are boundaries that should not pass ever. That same man can not forgive?

The most unforgivable in terms of men is female infidelity. All the talk about a man by nature of polygamy, do not change the essence of the issue. After all, often changing, man is not even attached to this fact values. For him, it may be the same natural need, like the need for food or rest. But what they are convinced of is that women tend to change the soul. Whatever may be said, and for a woman cheating - a step far from random and spontaneous. Women often decides heart. Treason for a man means that you scorn to him and cherish your relationship. This is a serious blow to his self-esteem, because, in his opinion, he and he alone only for you.

Not just a man desire the women to excel in the relationship. Family - this is not a battlefield where everyone is once again trying to win over a partner. And historically and genetically incorporated, that the leader of the family - a man. And if a woman is more successful financially, and even has a family, she still is not worth elaborating on this issue. This is a sure way to ensure that sooner or later a man will leave her.

Men can still forgive the dust on the furniture or dirty dishes in the sink, but they will never forgive sloppy appearance of his chosen home. Greasy gown and disheveled hair will show man how dismissive woman treats him. After leaving the house, the woman preening. So, for it is more important than someone else's account and someone else score than the opinion of her husband.

Men are not like-minded women fools and frank, which in addition to rags not interested in anything. The presence of a number of smart women are always flattered by the male ego. Especially so nice to just clever little woman silly. And yet, clever woman always cherish my family, trust in it, keep the love.

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