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5 myths about love

5 myths about love
1.Opposites attract
This statement sounds more than romantic, but the theory and practice unanimously repeat - all the way around. In real life, you can find a pair of extremely rare, in which the partners come from different economic and social environment (meaning long-term and successful relationship). Almost 90% of people believe that it is important that the partner had the opposite traits, they say, otherwise it will not be interesting. But numerous studies show that we attract partners with a similar level of intelligence and visual appeal that are similar to our personality traits.

2.True love comes only once
Experts who specialize in relationships say that the love of man can come several times, and each time we will experience a new relationship experience. And not necessarily that there is love at first sight, it happens that we need to know a person well enough that there was a feeling. In any case, there is definitely more than one person, the chances of having to please us.

3.Love is able to overcome all
In order to stay together for many years, love, unfortunately, not enough. The presence of love - is only the beginning of a long journey, and go on it is impossible without mutual concessions, patience and a healthy sense of humor. Longer all together remain faithful to each other people with common values. In regards to absolutely everyone must learn to solve problems, manage anger, not to succumb to stress and suffering.

4.Love last up to three years
There are plenty of couples whose romantic love has withstood the test of time, according to statistics, they are at least 13%. It is not always romance and sex early years eventually develop into a friendly alliance. It is necessary to distinguish between romantic love and passionate love. In a passionate obsession element is always present, it is worrisome and insecure, and romantic love is characterized by the presence of affection and sexual compatibility.

5.Sometimes love at first sight
Indeed, the nature within us lies the ability to almost instantly (from fractions of a second to three minutes) to determine if we want relations with a particular person. But even if our body is calculated that we have the same genetic setup, biological rhythms and the level of intelligence, for long-term relationship that is not enough. And most of them starts quite differently. Nevertheless, 11% of strong unions begin it at a glance.

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