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Female psychology

Female psychology
Karen Horney was the founder of the science of the psychology of women , known throughout the world. Karen was a follower of Sigmund Freud. But the pupil, far not all agree with his co- teacher. Why? She replied: "The Psychoanalysis - the creation of the male genius, and almost everyone who developed his ideas, too, were men. It is natural and logical that they were focused on the study of the essence of male psychology and understood more in the development of men than women. " Horney organized the American Institute of Psychoanalysis, was the founding editor of "Journal of the American Psychoanalytic". She has written dozens of research papers and books. Modern psychology proudly bears the name " psychology without a soul" - the name by which christened its not deserved exalted Friedrich Albert Lange. We were able to seem to prove that it is impossible to explain to myself psychic phenomena, denying the existence of the soul. Cash soul is necessary for the interpretation of psychic phenomena, which must be attributed to the soul, and for the approval of the relevant phenomena F, which finally should be recognized as heartless. Our modern psychology predominantly female psychology. That is why it is so instructive comparative study of the sexes - a circumstance which has played an important role in that thoroughness with which I examine this question. Only such a study can help us understand what actually causes us to admit the existence of "I", why the thorough mixing of male and female psyche (in the broadest and deepest sense) led to such fatal errors when creating a general psychology.

The question is whether female psychology is a science? This question should be answered in the negative. I already anticipate that some will send me to the experimental research: Even one that amidst all this noise pilot kept a certain sobriety of thought, surprised to ask yourself, do these works are not worth attention. But experimental psychology of women, not only did not disclose to us the deep foundations of the female psyche, it not only makes it impossible to systematically develop this endless series of scientific experiments, but hardly allows even dream of any rough systematize them. Moreover, the method of it, through and through, from the uppermost layer to its core - is false, and therefore, experimental psychology did not give and could not give an explanation of the deep inner connection of mental phenomena.

So, it is impossible to do without the concept of "self" in psychology, at least in relation to the woman. It is, however, doubt whether this is compatible with the concept of nomothetic psychology in Vindelbandovskom sense, having the aim to establish certain psychological laws. But this fact does not diminish the value of our position on the need for the concept of "I". Perhaps female psychology will come to the path that was specified in one of her previous chapters and, thus, become a theoretical biography. Only then did she learns the true boundaries of any empirical psihologii.Tsel female psychology - to rise above the subjectivity of the male or female point of view and create a real picture of the female nature. The evolution of women and in psychoanalysis has been studied by male standards, and it is natural that the idea of the true nature of women distorted. Freud himself in his recent work has been concerned about a certain one-sidedness of psychoanalytic research - they are the object of mostly men and boys were. Like any science, and any values ​​and psychology of women considered only from the point of view of men. Even some male psychologists believe that the psychology of women is meant only to serve men's desires and disappointments.

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