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How should pass an evening family vacation?

How should pass an evening family vacation?
Evening rest after work is not limited only to sleep. Usually, I came home from work, a woman must still some work to do at home - at least to cook dinner. But after dinner, the whole family can really relax and unwind .

Relax in the evening everyday - it tastes of each family member. The main thing - to ensure that such vacation leave no room for thoughts about the past and the coming working day. Only in very rare cases (for example, because of work involving all hands at work), you can afford to speculate or husband and evening of professional problems, to take notes and make plans.

For normal everyday evening in the family must be observed only rule - do not interfere. Each family member can do what he likes. And the mouth of a woman who came to work, is not obliged to anyone or anything more than manage. Well okay that teenage son goes on a date with a new girl? Do not be nervous, and five times to ask again, who are the parents of the girl and whether she is a good student. He's on it has not yet married, but just go for a walk in the evening. Therefore it is better to confine a smile and a question: "Baby, do not too often you change your girls? Or this time I seriously prepare for the role of the grandmother? ".

The younger daughter even calmly goes to his ballroom dancing (aerobics courses, macramé, etc.). If classes end at eight in the evening, and the club across the street from the house, she quietly comes itself (and maybe its someone already sees off). Arriving home, she was happy to share his impressions.

My husband is quite permissible to do their hobbies - maybe he likes to glue model airplanes or solve Japanese crosswords. The wife should not treat this as a useless child's play. If such an occupation allows him to relax, escape and recover for the next labor day, do not reproach him. Perhaps he would prefer to sit in front of the TV to watch the news or detective. The wife may well join him along the way doing needlework (knitting or sewing perfectly calm nerves). Or she wants to be alone in my room and read a book, which distract it from everyday life.

Going to bed everyone should based on their needs. Perhaps his wife - "owl", ie it can sit up with a book or watching TV late into the night. And her husband begins sleepy at nine in the evening. In any case, there should be no restrictions. If a family all working at full capacity, the everyday one has to recover its strength as you can, as it is convenient and familiar.

Suppose that in the home atmosphere of comfort and family idyll: no recriminations, mutual insults, only kindness to each other and understanding. Each member of the family during the evening recreation should feel relaxed and know that at this hour he has the right to spend a little bit selfish.

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