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What is the failure of the man the reason?

What is the failure of the man the reason?
Some women believe that only men can be successful, while others try to be a better life, but they did not work. It may be that she simply picked the wrong man? It is possible that women may choose completely different men. This article focuses on the following point:. The success or failure depends entirely on the men from the women, which is next
woman to man is the space in which I want to always be, I want to leave for a short while and then come back with new energy and emotion. There are men who value money, power, and there are men who are willing to do things for the sake of their favorite women.

Man shares his emotions, problems at work with his girlfriend. When a man for many years lived with a woman, she is his muse, his support. When men rush after young women, throwing those who have lived most of my life, they get everything except the fact that they actually need. The idea is that the young and beautiful girls need money from the respectable and wealthy men. When a man just wants to talk, he did not receive the support that he received earlier. The conclusion is only one: we have to live with the woman who will live with you long life for which are important not only money, but also the soul of man.

Men like when a woman pushes her certain words to the right decision. A man should imagine himself, but with the help of women. When a woman gives direct instructions, criticize, try to learn to live as if a man in his appearance does not suit her, the man just comes apathy to everything going on. Men do not like women's hysteria. Often it's going nowhere. A woman can come up with some ending in the actions of a man that has no relation at all to reality. Men love the logic and the present time. If nothing happens, they do not think about a possible future.

If a man does not get support at home, it does not have the energy to perform some important actions. He starts looking for these feelings on the side. The man wants to be successful, but with the right woman. Support can optionally be verbal, sometimes just enough to look, a kiss and just a touch.

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