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Why is a man running out of the family? 8 common causes.

Why is a man running out of the family? 8 common causes.
Taking into account the individual characteristics of the diversity of families and solutions perspective, psychologists distinguish eight main problems faced by the men in their families. These elements can be both indicators to strengthen relations, and the determinant of the lack of emotional connection with his wife:

1. As a consequence of diverse problems in the relationship with his wife is a male apathy, fatigue and frustration. Based on the rights and duties of a wife, psychologists believe that the family is responsible for maintaining the emotion vested in the wife. But trying to build a healthy family should both. The man is entitled to receive from his wife all that is the responsibility of the wife has the right to get an explanation or make a complaint. In this case it will help a sincere conversation.

2. Each family needs to live and grow. Only psychologically healthy children grow into "real" families. It should be considered, and not to transfer problems in the children of the spouses - it is for them an excessive burden. Question consequences - that's another topic. Sacrifice for the sake of children has its negative impact, especially when the couple return the love is no longer possible.

3. Fear of breaking "the vicious circle" as a result - of treason. This justification of wrong deeds by seeking allies in such behavior. "But everybody does it" - a destructive expression, which is the beginning of failure in the healthy development of the family, which leads to the degradation of the family and society. It is an escape from solving marital problems, and at the same time the weakness and fear of change, talk and possible consequences.

4. The couple must be dialogue only if there is a chance to rectify the situation. If there is a dialogue - the family will be strong. In relations should be the ability to listen and be heard. It must be respected and the lack of appeals and allegations of an error. Any problems are solved, and the marriage to divorce there is no way.

5. There are four reasons for the problems in the family - physical, spiritual, psychological, social. In each family are different, intertwined. These factors give rise to a variety of drives, they provoke certain consequences of the collapse of the marital relationship. Ongoing work on all areas and at themselves is also a determinant of a stable and strong family.

6. Divorce - a consequence of an excessive number of unsolved problems in the couple and the absence of dialogue, the loss of a sense of love. The man, who lives in such a relationship has the right to make decisions for the future, where an important role is played by a lot of factors ... It is especially well-being of children after divorce. The decision is important to be sure that a particular family has in the past and it can not be saved.

7. "Everyone has the right to happiness" ... Yes, it's true. But the fact is that in a civilized family that decision should be taken after a conversation with his wife. In this case, all receive a minimum stress, wife the possibility also to arrange his life, and the children after the divorce surrounded by care.

8. The concept of injustice as a result of divorce. It affects children ... Divorce in most cases is accompanied by the manipulation of children by the woman. In this case, to resolve your situation will help an expert psychologist. The specialist will tell you how to find a safe way out of the situation and keep the love of children to himself.

Therefore, men, be prudent!

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