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Divorce - a cause for celebration?

Divorce - a cause for celebration?
Lately, I hear more and more about how to become a popular celebration ceremony divorce. If to be honest, I can not understand this new-fangled tradition or another temporary insanity? Collected from relatives, friends, we bought a huge black cake ceremoniously burned (crushed / broken / threw) a marriage certificate. That's really really - fun!

They say it is fashionable and advanced. They say that because modern people do. They say it is a civilized approach: two adults decide to leave peacefully, while maintaining respect for each other.
Just show me where is the respect? This is an outrage. Desecration of himself and erstwhile feelings, because to leave hurt. What and who are we kidding again?

By asking this question to my friends, supporters of this type of entertainment, an adequate response to it has never been heard.
And I think I still know the answer. Apparently upset over the divorce a shame. And admit that you are ashamed, too ashamed.

It is better to throw a party. Let others, unfashionable, are experiencing. Let seize mountain or sandwiches with caviar washed down with martinis. Let it sit on the ears of friends, cry, worry and tell us, it hurts, all the dreams flew in pieces, as you have to learn to live again, and how difficult it is to dial the number and ask the wife not to leave. Modern dance and trample evidence. And, frankly, do not differ from those who are drunk with grief. It is also - escape from reality, lies and an attempt to delay the inevitable.

And as if I was not convinced, I am sure - even if the relationship ended, went negative, and happy moments long since gone, it is still best memories, though unfulfilled, but cherished dreams, hopes and the realization that this will not be . Experiences of frustration, sadness and bitterness after divorce do not go here and so, immediately. Cure all this is only capable of sudden memory loss. This usually only happens in the movies.

You do not think, I do not blame those people who have decided on such a difficult step in his life - divorce. I just want to say that there are certainly other reasons, more joyful and fun for the holidays. And in order for them to find, we must first heal their pain, to prepare for the joy. Cried know, to think, to go through the necessary steps and start all over from scratch again.

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