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Is there a difference between male and female orgasm?

Is there a difference between male and female orgasm?
We do not know too much about orgasm, but even when we know a lot more, it will be difficult to answer this question. On the one hand, we compare: a physical reaction? The psychological experience? Emotional reactions? On the other hand, it is possible to compare what your personal based on subjective sensations?

If you define an orgasm only as a physical sexual response, then we can say that the male and female orgasm is different because we have different parts of the body. But even with these differences, physiological processes (increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension) are very similar to each other. And when we consider the experience as a whole, there is no reason to suspect that men and women have a different experience in orgasm.

In one study, students of both sexes were asked to describe their personal experience in the sensations of orgasm. From these descriptions we removed all terms that indicate the sex of the person (e.g., replace "penis" to "genitalia"). The result was presented at the court of women and men who were trying to determine who was given a particular description. It has been found that the "judges" could not be determined from a written description of what sex a person brought these descriptions.

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