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Destroyers of family life

Destroyers of family life
Each couple is looking forward to the moment when their meetings and gatherings on the bench run and to replace them will come home life. And for lovers, it seems quite carefree. washing dishes and cleaning problem goes by the wayside, because now you can wake up with every morning.

The ignorance of all that lies ahead, is not yet the worst. Quite a few other pests, that and strive to ruin the family idyll. The first such destructive factor may be called laziness. Laziness in the performance of homework we understand laziness during harvesting in the country - too, and that means lazy in a relationship?

"Love - a gift of fate, which will not be reduced in vain," - in full chirp romance that the world seen through rose-colored glasses. In fact, love is not so simple, and it is a very big job. The mutual work the two lovers for the benefit of their relationship is very important for any family. When one of the pair begins to appear lazy, the other half of all to take the can. Only working on the relationship, the couple can really achieve mutual respect and consent, and that's not all the strength.

The second is a lack of understanding of the destroyer. Once he gave bouquets of orchids and promised to fulfill any wish, and now football does not agree to switch the channel. What to do in order not to miss out on this thin thread of understanding between the lovers? Undoubtedly, it is necessary to compromise, or to learn how to negotiate? The trade-off, as a rule, is not an ideal method, because something so you have to sacrifice. The agreement also will allow to achieve the desired lossless. If you are torn between the TV series and sports channel, two TV completely solve the problem. You can also let the faithful at the stadium to watch football with friends.

Genesis can also "undermine" your relationships from the inside. The lack of diversity is really gnawing. Around the same thing, except that once a month turns to break into the movies. This is necessary to avoid all sorts of ways, or partner bored. This does not necessarily carry it to restaurants, bowling and exhibitions. Try to devote time to meetings with friends, shopping explosive and loved hint that he no longer drank beer with colleagues from work.

And remember the attention to each other. Be sure to ask what was on the job, how are his parents. In the evening, argue about the political news and the level of education in the country. Such skirmishes perfectly replace the infamous silence at dinner.

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