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Two consequences of love

Two consequences of love
1. To successfully to love and to do well in the relationship, you must use the right tactics. You must follow a certain behavior to be culturally brought up, stand out among the other potential partners. In order to overcome the conflicts that arise in the relationship of one simple behavior is not enough. For fine feelings of love, you must at least once to experience everything from the beginning to the end. This means that you need to throw a loved one, you need to understand what a person feels when he is thrown. We can learn to love, only love itself.

2. If you decide to just chat with someone, in many situations, you run the risk of falling in love. You can at the first stage of establishing love relationships fool yourself: you just decided to talk, engage in sexual relations. But from then on to you can not depend on anything. Many men who are famous ladies' man and a womanizer, one can fall in love, and then to experience all the sensations that a simple man under authority of love. In this case, the person will be a long time to deny that love. But the more he resists, the more it "will delay".

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