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How to complain to the man

How to complain to the man
Perhaps every woman wants in his heart to her beloved man paid her as much attention as possible. And, of course, he was a caring, well-earned, had a sense of humor, etc. And if any part of the person is better to take than to change the behavior change that's quite possible.

So if your man's behavior in something you do not like, you need to tell him about it.
In no case did not hide his displeasure. Remember that negative emotions that do not find an exit, harm not only health, but also not the best way affect the relationship. Therefore, talking about his dissatisfaction, but do it right.

Remember how you usually do it? If a man does not wash, for example, the dishes that he hears from you in his address? As a rule, a reproach, "You did not wash the dishes again!". And if you do not agree with your opinion, then it falls upon the criticism: "Here you're always so stubborn!". Well, if not for the first time does not fulfill its promises, here and at all it can collapse avalanche of indignation. And after that you expect that the man will change and become, finally, to please you ?! No matter how true!

Whenever you bring down on his criticism of the man in a way you like to give him to understand that it does not suit you, it is not what you want it to. And what a man feels in those moments? Him or want to answer you the same (that is rude) or leave (someone goes to, and someone ...).
Well, how then to express their emotions, their wishes, and to a man not to offend, and achieve the desired result?
I advise you to talk to your man that you are not comfortable, yet be tender and adhere to the conversation in the following sequence:
1. describe those situations where you have resentment appears;
2. Tell us about the feelings that you have in this case arise;
3. Tell me, how would you like to become.

If a man does not wash the dishes, I tell him, for example: "I am constantly asking you to wash the dishes, and you do not. I am angry by this. You do not want me to become a "scratch-cat", and my skin on the hands was not so gentle as it is now? .. Let's agree to wash dishes at a time, okay? ". And if does not fulfill its promise, then we can say it this way: "When you tell me that tomorrow night we go to the movies, I take that as a promise and expect that it will. And when you are forced to stay at work and come late, I was very upset. Tell me, please, that you can not. Agreed? ".

Speaking with a man so you aktsentiruete attention not on his personality and on his behavior, thus making it clear that you love him, and as a person you are completely satisfied with it.
Try these tips into practice and the result is not long to wait!

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