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Communication and its importance in human life

Communication and its importance in human life
Communication - is a form of life of the individual, the level of activity and human activity. In the process of communication for the exchange of information, mutual influence, sympathy, formed beliefs, attitudes. The main purpose of communication is to meet the needs of their people: biological, social and spiritual. The main motivation is the need to communicate the knowledge and self-knowledge, spiritual and emotional contact, security and psychological protection, recognition and prestige, in leadership and dominance, help and altruism. In the process of communicating the individual discovers and realizes its aspiration to be a person, a citizen, a professional.

Communication between people comes in different forms. The first - in the form of anonymous communication (partners are strangers, anonymous - temporary contacts transport of passengers, residents of the neighborhood). Second - in the form of functional role of communication (communication between its members due to their social roles - the doctor-patient, teacher-student, the head-slave). Third - as the informal communication that is realized outside the formal relations (communication between friends, lovers).

Psychological study of any phenomenon has two main aspects: motivation - human needs, motives that caused this phenomenon and efficient - the changes that show this phenomenon in the psyche and behavior of the people that appear in the field of action and influence.

The phenomenon (phenomenon) of communication discovered and scientifically a lot of needs, the most important of them are:

1. contacting the need. A man should always take other people to contact, communicate with them. Without this degrades his mind - break it, thinking, memory, emotions.

2. cognitive needs , a person seeks and finds in communicating new information, opinions, ideas, spiritual values. This is especially true for children, teens, communicating to them - a leading source of knowledge of the world.

3. emotional needs . On the one hand, the person seeking to communicate confirmation to other people's feelings of self-worth, uniqueness, indispensability, acceptance, trust, protection, support, sympathy, tolerance, tenderness, love: the overcoming of such acknowledgment and acceptance of feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, anguish, fear, frustration and other negative emotions painted. Man meets in communicating their own emotional needs in the love of others, sympathy for them, tenderness, affection, care, or other irritation on their own negatively stained (man-hating) emotions: hate, anger, envy, anger, and so on.

4. The health need. On the one hand, people looking for self-assertion, self-realization in the lead, the prevalence in the management of others, their actions, judgments in respect to their side. On the other hand, the need of belonging to someone stronger, more powerful, authoritative, reference, authoritarian, subordinate to him with a view to shift the responsibility for the organization of activities, its strategy and tactics for making decisions.

It is clear that the named contact communication needs are more generalized, they can specify, divided on the basis of various features, aspects, nuances.

These various and diverse needs of people are met in one way or another through the function of communication .

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