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What is to be the mistress?

What is to be the mistress?
You met a man, and he was married. And, of course, you know that this is bad and it is strange! But this is someone else's seems so attractive, so delicious! And anyway, who said it was someone else? Maybe it's long been a draw, only the number of strangers.

And now, a little thought, you decide that you do not mind to start a relationship with him, which, as it seems you are quite harmless in nature. Everyone will get their own, and then we will see, what all this will evolve.

So, look at a few scenarios of your relationship.

The simplest variants tons - is the lack of feelings of romantic nature between you. In this case, everyone decides for some their personal problem. Thus, you get a relationship that to anything you do not oblige. This variant relations, given the lack of sense, does not cause injury to your soul. But then, over time, can become disgusted by itself, but this feeling can occur regardless of whether married or not was a man.
It is more difficult if you fell in love, lost his head and ...

You are ready for it at all, if only he was smiling, because he was not very happy in his family life. His wife, he said, most likely, no longer look after themselves, it is boring, and in every sense. In addition, it gives you to understand, that to you it is feeling. And, he said, you are the one ray of light to which it flies like a moth, and in his soul wakes youthful passion and willingness to exploits. But you, seeing as he is well with you, decides to do everything for him! And do: dress up every once in a beautiful dress, cook delicious meals for dinner and wait.

But he comes so tired, you are ready to listen and comfort. You're the vest, which he can complain. But at the same time, when you touch the topics of divorce, he always finds an excuse and asks you to wait for the right moment: the children are young still, the wife is ill. You also do not want to get your favorite look impartially, leaving his family in this difficult time. You wait and wait ... But feelings begin to gradually fade away, disappointment comes.

This is an option with a sequel. You decide to fight for your happiness, for love, despite the fact that there is a wife, children. You simply can no longer afford to your favorite was unhappy. And so the battle is won, you have a common way of life, but not everything is as it should. You live together, and it turns out that he is picky eating, throwing their stuff everywhere, constantly something not satisfied. Meetings two to three times a week - not family life! He is often delayed at work, and justification, of course, is that it is now necessary to work for two families. But, given the way began your relationship, is not difficult to imagine that somewhere, perhaps in the next street in a cozy apartment, sitting and waiting for a loved one, your beloved, the other babe ready for anything!

Mistress be difficult, especially when your beloved is very fond of his wife and children. He was happy with everything, and it all happy. But then he meets you, and there are mutual feelings. In this situation, you have absolutely no chance to even think about it even for a moment of divorce, never! He tells you that he loves both you and the family. Relations with them are fatal in nature, because it is perfect for you, but your never will. Thank you for him, not only a lover but a friend whom he can tell absolutely everything: about how to go to the left, and of those moments that he no one else can share. And you are drowning in these relationships because he becomes a friend for you, he's always in a good mood, because the bad he does not bother you. Always take the time to communicate. Your meetings - always a holiday. This is a very rare type of married men, which is better not to meet, so as to let them you do not want to, and full-fledged relations (family) with him will never be. It came to nothing lead.

To sit then with nothing, when, alas, the youth is gone, and, looking back, you realize that, at the time while you are trying for a man who has a family, children, time, your happiness has passed and all is gray and joyless. Well here's something to think about: tying their fate with a married man who betrayed again, it is possible that he will do it again, and in the place of his wife, you will find yourself already.

And again, that for lovers , in most cases, is the meaning of life, for their favorite - a way to solve their problems: rev

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