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Alphonse: a beautiful life for others

Alphonse: a beautiful life for others
Unfortunately, every year an increasing number of young people who live at the expense of women. Why is this happening - the men are no longer men-getters and the representatives of the stronger sex? Why they are happy to sit on the fragile shoulders of "weak" women - members of the fairer sex? This phenomenon occurs because a clear line of separation of responsibilities for men and women does not exist today. If a woman earns great that he can buy just about anything, then why not "buy" a man?

Many women in the pursuit of higher wages, involuntarily moving away from the family, and, therefore, from a spouse, too. As a result, children grow up, and husbands, tired of the complete lack of female attention, can flop to some "house-proud housewife", constantly hlopochuschih chores and standing near the stove. A woman, left alone, will immediately notice the gaps, and therefore try to make up for them, finding a young gigolo. Fortunately, the money allows. Elementary human warmth want every woman, and young people who want to earn a "rich mommy" can be very charming. Secured women talk so that if the driver and a gardener, so why not have a young lover who will provide it, "the sky with diamonds"?

But there are gigolos who long and carefully hide their "insides". They choose sacrifice, imitating a serious relationship, beautiful caring for her. End in such stories, most often in tears. Women are, as they say, "with nothing" - no money, the young lover, and often homeless.

Some men "love" wealthy ladies until such time as they pamper them - give gifts, dress, feed, in general, provide them with a comfortable life. And if the "family" start talking about the common children and so on, Alfonso disappear from the horizon.

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