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100 tips for girls

100 tips for girls
1. Forget about drawbacks. Think only of the merits. The First Commandment.
2. Do not drop your chin. Girls who like to be the best, always looking straight ahead.
3. More positive. Be active and self-confident. Let energy bubble. Try to exhale as many positive emotions as possible. Associate associates with the sun.
4. Speak lips. You have no idea what can drop shine for your lips - such lips want to kiss!
5. Know how to listen. Respect other people's opinions. Do not impose their own.
6. Take care of the eyebrows. Eyes - mirror of the soul. But do not forget about the frame! To adjust the shape of eyebrows is best specialist.
7. Do not be afraid to change. Develop and move forward. Be versatile. I do not cycle on one. Try. Look for yourself.
8. A smell. Find "your" smell and remain faithful to him. Odor associated with people.
9. Save on blush. Spend more time in the air. The young lady, walk up the cold glow, immediately want to warm up.
10. Be enthusiastic. For example, learn to fence on samurai swords. After all, any guy wants to meet with a supergirl.
11. Do not copy others. Find your style. Only a fool would be proud of the fact that his girlfriend looks like Angelina Jolie.
12. Stocks of candy. All ads assert that fresh breath facilitates understanding. That's right!
13. Eat. Since appetite and beautiful. The word "diet" is annoying.
14. Follow the steps. Let gait is feminine. Do not look at his feet, do not rush, do not slouch.
15. Reduces the size.
Reconsider the size of the bag. Why do I need a trunk, when you can do pretty little purse?
16. Read more. With an interesting person wants to communicate.
17. Be purposeful. Set a goal and go for it. Believe inner voice. Whole attract nature.
18. Stocks of spices. Learn how to cook at least one dish and raduy their friends and relatives. Even if it's a simple apple pie.
19. Take care of your head. Stylin styling - it's good. For special occasions. And the hair, to which I want to touch, to look like the romantic ladies of the movies about pirates.
20. Keep silent about the main. Girls, do not on the first date is all about telling yourself! Leave some mystery so guys like to guess riddles!
21. Do not raise your voice. Control yourself.
22. Play! To make a film about herself starring trying on different images. Be different and equally present at all times.
23. Do not get smart. It is irritating when the girl, wanting to show what she's smart, quotations pours through the ice.
24. Give gifts. Friends and acquaintances. Small and even homemade. Just. Because you have a good mood.
25. Take the hand. Touch the person while talking. Psychologists say that it helps to relieve tension and to position companion to him.
26. Do not twitch. Do not chase the crumbs on the table is not imaginary cloth, do not pick the spine of the book. These gestures are terrible. Instead of nervously squeeze hair strand sduy bangs from his face. Many find it sexy.
27. Feel the difference. Dress sexy, but not vulgar. Or a short skirt or blouse bold or bright lipstick. But together - never!
28. Do handle. Do not forget the manicure. Neat hand - is the one that I want to hold in your hand.
29. Smile more often. Let everyone see: you're happy.
30. Talk less about yourself. Let people ask themselves.
31. Do not Cry. Girls think: this trick is able to touch the stronger sex. In fact -. On the contrary
32. Not to save money on accessories. Wear mark of distinction. Even the smallest.
33. Ogle. Big eyes dazzle. It is desirable that they were seen in black mascara!
34. Look at both. When talking with a person who is interested in looking into the eyes. This is called the ability to ogle, not cutesy rolling up orbit.
35. Praise. Fair. Do others compliments. Only sincere!
36. Go boldly. Shoes should be comfortable. Hobbling heels, Man not impressed. And hovering in the classroom "Adidas" (if it is, of course, like "Adidas"), any ocharuesh precisely.
37. Remember about Chew. Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself. This shows your sense of humor.
38. On the wave. Learn how to talk to guys in their language, understand their jokes. This is important!
39. Be more simple. Do not make mountains out of molehills.
40. Less sit at home. Around a lot of interesting things! Explore the world. And share discoveries with your friends.
41. Takes off! Learn coquettish toss eyebrow. Guys it's crazy!
42. Spokuha! Do not think constantly about how to look the part. Relax and enjoy.
43. Remember birthdays of all - is sacred. So make a list and in a timely manner for him congratulations.
44. Stylization. Braves individual style in clothes. Do not merge with the crowd, but not Chud.
45. Do not envy. Rejoice that you have.
46. A declaration of love. But those who truly love.
47. Do not idle talk. It is better to do. Trust deeds, not words. Words are empty.
48. Be a friend. Do not let speak ill of you dear people. It is appreciated.
49. Divide interests. Dear you man. He will love you even more.
50. Love yourself and your body. Arrange small celebrations. For example, take a bubble bath, salt and oil. This will make the skin more smooth, and your love to her even more.
51. Be loving. Likable people are treated with love for children and animals. Even unfamiliar.
52. Train. Try to politely answer the phone, even if the wrong number. Politeness is useful.
53. In the fitting room! Carry only what is. Learn how to soberly assess their appearance.
54. Fantasy? Try less to invent. This will save you from embarrassing situations.
55. Kopi talents. Talented girls are beautiful.
56. Be emotional. Do not keep your emotions in themselves. Express them openly. But not satisfied with the theater.
57. Risk! Do not be afraid to bare neck and shoulders. But tasteful and appropriate.
58. Appreciate the time. Do not waste it on nonsense. Spend the benefit.
59. Do not humiliate people. You have no right to do so.
60. Become a leader in the company! It is not so difficult.
61. Down? Arrogance repellent. Snow Queen few people are attracted to.
62. Be sincere sincerely!
63. Sliced! Get your favorite songs on the thematic collections and Dari friends. The idea!
64. Learn to sing. Dedicated his first song to him.
65. Love! In-kind to people. But without naivety.
66. Do not speak ill of the ex-boyfriend. Fu.
67. Falling asleep, think about pleasant. You wake up in a good mood.
68. Do not lie. This eliminates the awkward situations.
69. Drink less soda. You protect yourself from cellulitis.
70. Do not drink alcoholic beverages at all. A glass of wine is not considered. Drunk girl with a cigarette terrible.
71. Never hair bleaching by more than one tone. Regrown roots - it's ugly.
72. Always a pedicure! Yes, winter. Yes, no one sees. But you know something that is flawless from top to toe! It's important.
73. Choose. Try to communicate more with those who are pleasant to you.
74. Do not impose. It is better to do so that you called.
75. Avoid art gestures. Be natural.
76. Minimum cosmetics! You're not Mom from "Moulin Rouge".
77. Learn the basic rules of etiquette. And is used to the place.
78. Do not be shy of their weaknesses. Allows himself sometimes whims. Cute and funny.
79. Do not be afraid to emphasize dignity. Long legs? Skinny jeans. Good skin? No Tonalka. Long straight hair? Forget about chemistry. The best haircut in the salon.
80. Work hard! Do not be lazy - will acquire the ability to imagine another and / or dignity. You will become even harder to respect themselves.
81. Be sporty! Tighten ladies attractive couch potatoes. Ask any man from 9 to 90.
82. Do not be silent. Feel free to express their views. And guys will respect you.
83. Appreciate people. Vspominai often old friends. Yeah, you know everything about them, but how many times you rescued them!
84. Praise yourself. Begin each morning with a smile the mirror.
85. Be proactive. And you're sure to remember!
86. Be punctual. Do not keep waiting. Only if it is oh, very cute, and that no more than 5 minutes.
87. Interested in! Try to be aware of anything new.
88. Trust yourself. Behave just as he sees fit. Herd out of fashion.
89. Be responsive. Do not withhold help. You will be thankful.
90. Honestly. Try not to do what you have to be justified.
91. Believe in miracles. They happen in the lives of those who believe in them.
92. Miss generosity. Do not make fast conclusions. Give people a chance.
93. Defile. Put on then, what do you feel confident. Your confidence - the key to success on this day.
94. Peace! Avoid quarrels and conflicts. Try to wrap the explosive situation into a joke.
95. Be gracious. Do not abandon anyone to their attention.
96. Feel free to do the first step. Risk, but when the risk is justified.
97. Believe people. They will surprise you pleasantly.
98. Not pasuy to difficulties. Tests make us stronger.
99. Wag eyelashes. Zavivalka mascara - it's not the vulgarity. Sight will open, and you - a beauty.
100. Do not try to please everyone. You did not coin that everyone likes.

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