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Relationship between man and woman

Relationship between man and woman
Relationship - it is almost always difficult. Anyway, we have to deal with their children's injuries, unmet needs, early decisions, illusions, family scenarios and other undercurrents that affect us today.

On the one hand, this is a painful process, full of tears, frustration and resentment on the other - it is a natural and popular way of personal development and the opportunity to live a full, rich life.

Relying on well-known position of Jung about the duality of the human psyche, which is manifested in the fact that the psyche of men includes not only male but also female principle (anima), and the psyche of women - not only women, but also masculine (animus), we can assume, that the male and female in the inner space are not only active in the process of being, but also more or less successfully interact with each other.

In this section you will find answers to the most popular and common relationship problems.

Seven steps to love
Some psychologists use in their practice of Vedic knowledge, according to which the relationship between two people go through several stages, stages. If the couple knows about these steps, it passes them with the least damage to their relationship. ... Read more

Alphonse: a beautiful life for others
Unfortunately, every year an increasing number of young people who live at the expense of women. Why is this happening - the men are no longer men-getters and the representatives of the stronger sex? Why they are happy to sit on the fragile shoulders... Read more

Two consequences of love
1. To successfully to love and to do well in the relationship, you must use the right tactics. You must follow a certain behavior to be culturally brought up, stand out among the other potential partners. In order to overcome the conflicts that arise... Read more

The reasons that prevent marriage
There are girls who for a long time can not get married. At the same time they are dreaming of a prince, ready to bear children and run the household. But the prince something delayed and did not rush to get married. And it also happens that there is... Read more

Habits of happy woman
We all know at least one woman, whose eyes shine, body in shape, but the mood is always upbeat. You usually wonder what is her secret? In fact, if you make a couple of good living habits, it largely will improve your physical and mental state. Especi... Read more

Love affairs: development and trend
Love relationships are different from other types of communication the following two objectives: the desire to have children in the future and always be together. Such relationships are built for the future. The purpose of the relationship - a future... Read more

6 most common mistakes women in relationships with men
Woman and man - two being completely opposite, but this does not prevent them to live under the same roof, to create a family. Good, harmonious relationship rarely built by themselves, it is necessary to work on them, improve them to the house ruled ... Read more

Manicure and character
Psychosomatics says that the hands - is the contact area with the outside world. They are responsible for our communication and what we do. Knowledgeable people will look at your hands: they are decorated and what you put on them. It is important... Read more

Six Rules, which is worth remembering in a dispute with a woman
Every day there are situations that may lead to a dispute with his girlfriend. And very often it turns out that a man loses this dispute. And the indicator "loss" to the dispute does not depend on which side the truth. It is difficult to imagine a pe... Read more

Tricks of married men in love with other women
1. A married man often left in establishing linkages stalling. This is due to the fact that the man does not want to say that he is married. And secondly, the woman could just make a bad break he did not want to create relationships with married men.... Read more


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