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Relationship between man and woman

Relationship between man and woman
Relationship - it is almost always difficult. Anyway, we have to deal with their children's injuries, unmet needs, early decisions, illusions, family scenarios and other undercurrents that affect us today.

On the one hand, this is a painful process, full of tears, frustration and resentment on the other - it is a natural and popular way of personal development and the opportunity to live a full, rich life.

Relying on well-known position of Jung about the duality of the human psyche, which is manifested in the fact that the psyche of men includes not only male but also female principle (anima), and the psyche of women - not only women, but also masculine (animus), we can assume, that the male and female in the inner space are not only active in the process of being, but also more or less successfully interact with each other.

In this section you will find answers to the most popular and common relationship problems.

5 myths about love
1.Opposites attract This statement sounds more than romantic, but the theory and practice unanimously repeat - all the way around. In real life, you can find a pair of extremely rare, in which the partners come from different economic and social env... Read more

10 simple ways how to strengthen the relationship.
1. Learn to trust the man. Often, women, giving only the body, believe that given all of myself. Do not be afraid to trust, usually it is a counter-confidence after what Hello, this is the answer. Not necessarily on the first date to initiate him int... Read more

How to recognize a lonely girl?
Men are assured: lonely girl is markedly different from the companionship in. And you can notice the difference from the very first glance, and confirm the suspicion in the second minute of communication. I asked the young people to a single questi... Read more

Top 10 men's fears
Our men, as it turns out, being timid and gentle. They have their own phobias and fears. Psychologists have identified a list of the major horror stories, from which shakes half the stronger sex. 1. The main fear for men - is the fear of poverty. ... Read more

How to get rid of the past?
Dive into your memories - it's one of the best ways to interact with itself. Despite the fact that our nature is subject to all ages, it takes its roots in the past, happy or not, we owe it to those that we have. We are experiencing some pleasure... Read more

Why is a man running out of the family? 8 common causes.
Taking into account the individual characteristics of the diversity of families and solutions perspective, psychologists distinguish eight main problems faced by the men in their families. These elements can be both indicators to strengthen relations... Read more

Love triangle - it is you and the mistress
In the textbooks on psychology describes a love triangle, as a type of romantic relationships that occur between three people. The love triangle between two like the third. In modern civilized society, the competition is minimized. Whether it before,... Read more

Infidelity - live or die?
Sadly, but the marriage did not know about cheating in our time are rather closer to the exclusion from the rules, though the marriage ethic is just on the side of the said exceptions. And often it turns out that, wanting a little hidden pleasure ame... Read more

Divorce - a cause for celebration?
Lately, I hear more and more about how to become a popular celebration ceremony divorce. If to be honest, I can not understand this new-fangled tradition or another temporary insanity? Collected from relatives, friends, we bought a huge black cake ce... Read more

Imposed stereotypes have no place in bed
Many women are familiar jealousy caused her friends with stories about their incredible orgasm during intimacy with the pious. Among dissatisfied with their success in sex there and men. Of course, the reasons may be different, but very often blame t... Read more


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