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Relationship between man and woman

Relationship between man and woman
Relationship - it is almost always difficult. Anyway, we have to deal with their children's injuries, unmet needs, early decisions, illusions, family scenarios and other undercurrents that affect us today.

On the one hand, this is a painful process, full of tears, frustration and resentment on the other - it is a natural and popular way of personal development and the opportunity to live a full, rich life.

Relying on well-known position of Jung about the duality of the human psyche, which is manifested in the fact that the psyche of men includes not only male but also female principle (anima), and the psyche of women - not only women, but also masculine (animus), we can assume, that the male and female in the inner space are not only active in the process of being, but also more or less successfully interact with each other.

In this section you will find answers to the most popular and common relationship problems.

How to complain to the man
Perhaps every woman wants in his heart to her beloved man paid her as much attention as possible. And, of course, he was a caring, well-earned, had a sense of humor, etc. And if any part of the person is better to take than to change the behavior cha... Read more

Who is your friend, and who - the enemy?
It is not always the one who played a dirty trick to you, is the enemy . It is not always the person who pulled you out of trouble is a friend . The most ideal option - all to be careful and not to fall into a situation that you can not cope, or not ... Read more

What is to be the mistress?
You met a man, and he was married. And, of course, you know that this is bad and it is strange! But this is someone else's seems so attractive, so delicious! And anyway, who said it was someone else? Maybe it's long been a draw, only the number of st... Read more

How should pass an evening family vacation?
Evening rest after work is not limited only to sleep. Usually, I came home from work, a woman must still some work to do at home - at least to cook dinner. But after dinner, the whole family can really relax and unwind . Relax in the evening every... Read more

If love is not mutual. 5 tips to fall in love with a man?
You are looking at very, very light on the eyes of men and see them in cold indifference and interest in anything, not to you. Ready for any actions for the sake of reciprocity and despair covers your consciousness. Stay! Do not make hasty steps, whi... Read more

Destroyers of family life
Each couple is looking forward to the moment when their meetings and gatherings on the bench run and to replace them will come home life. And for lovers, it seems quite carefree. washing dishes and cleaning problem goes by the wayside, because now yo... Read more

What kind of girls do you like guys
The question of what girls like boys, does not lose its relevance. Young beautiful half of humanity is constantly trying to figure out who is dearer - touchy, flirt or a tomboy? Of course, in addition to a pretty face is something else to be. This ze... Read more

"Holy" things in a man's life
In the women's nature to desire not only to create a cosiness in the house, but also monitor the activities of all the inhabitants. This also applies to the husband. Men desire is not always approve. There are some things which relate strictly prohib... Read more

What is honesty in the relationship?
The desire to build a harmonious relationship inherent not only in women but also in men. Though there is an opinion that psycho-emotional atmosphere in the home depends on the female half of humanity, but men are also concerned about the welfare of ... Read more

4 council how to attract the attention of a man
Many single women, walking in splendid isolation, often encounter reaching happily discussing something couple, and then there is a burning desire to just go with the guy's hand and be proud of yourself, "Yes, I am, and this is my boyfriend, I was su... Read more


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