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Relationship between man and woman

Relationship between man and woman
Relationship - it is almost always difficult. Anyway, we have to deal with their children's injuries, unmet needs, early decisions, illusions, family scenarios and other undercurrents that affect us today.

On the one hand, this is a painful process, full of tears, frustration and resentment on the other - it is a natural and popular way of personal development and the opportunity to live a full, rich life.

Relying on well-known position of Jung about the duality of the human psyche, which is manifested in the fact that the psyche of men includes not only male but also female principle (anima), and the psyche of women - not only women, but also masculine (animus), we can assume, that the male and female in the inner space are not only active in the process of being, but also more or less successfully interact with each other.

In this section you will find answers to the most popular and common relationship problems.

A womans desire for the law, while the desire of a man – woman!
Have you thought about what you want? What are the desires you cast your men? Which of these desires men perform? Today I am happy cup of coffee for breakfast. Tomorrow I am madly want sandals that she saw in the window. It is necessary sa... Read more

Why am i such a fool?
Any girl periodically sets in your mind yourself why I'm such a fool , and how to change it. Perhaps the wording is changed, but the meaning remains the same. She reproaches herself for some actions and oversights that are very difficult to fix, but ... Read more

100 tips for girls
1. Forget about drawbacks. Think only of the merits. The First Commandment. 2. Do not drop your chin. Girls who like to be the best, always looking straight ahead. 3. More positive. Be active and self-confident. Let energy bubble. Try to exhale a... Read more

Male psychology
The fact that every study male psychology is ultimately faced with something indivisible, non-degradable, with ineffabile, amazingly coincides with the fact that the uniform phenomenon "duplex", "multiplex personality" split or the multiplication of ... Read more

Female psychology
Karen Horney was the founder of the science of the psychology of women , known throughout the world. Karen was a follower of Sigmund Freud. But the pupil, far not all agree with his co- teacher. Why? She replied: "The Psychoanalysis - the creation of... Read more

Love yourself
A very popular topic of women's psychological training, stating that all the troubles and lack of privacy based on the fact that women do not like myself , do not understand themselves, can not accept yourself. Let's try to understand what we mean, w... Read more

A woman can do anything!
Many people forget about it. Loads itself fears and experiences. They love to run into the victim's position. Girlfriends help. They say to each other (the girlfriend girlfriend) horror. The most respectable one in which the most terrifying horror. F... Read more

Do I need a man to female pity?
Usually I write about what can immediately spoil or improve the relationship between man and woman. About half of my articles contain tips that a woman can apply, and within a few minutes or sometimes weeks, improved relationship with a man. Almos... Read more

Love relationship, or "I can not live without it"
Probably, there is no woman who, at least once in their lives have not heard from her friends: "I can not live without it". Indeed, despite the ill attitude, continue to tolerate such a friend and hope that something will change. Or parting, did not ... Read more

The main difference between a real man
The main difference between this man has a testosterone hormone . Simply put, men's sex appeal depends on the amount of this hormone in the blood. The body produces more testosterone per day milligrams, but it is not enough to complete the men's live... Read more


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