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American scientists have found a way to eat a lot and lose weight

Created: August 29, 2016
American scientists have found a way to eat a lot and lose weight
American scientists have found, under what conditions is important for the body beige fat turns into a less useful white. In the future, it eliminates the restriction in food intake and not gain extra weight. The study is published in the journal Cell Metabolism, a brief about it informs edition EurekAlert!

For transformation beige white fat, scientists have shown correspond mitochondria - cellular organelles performing the energy function, in particular, glucose processing. By carrying out the conversion of fat in white beige, the components are exposed to autophagy - intracellular destruction.

Adjust the type conversion of fat into each other is possible, as shown by the scientists, with the help of controlling the expression of genes responsible for the destruction of the mitochondria. Mice that the destruction of organelles that convert beige fabric was suspended in the white, showed a high level of metabolism and not obese.

In a healthy person there are three types of fat: white, beige and brown (brown). The first saves energy, and its excess leads to obesity and diabetes. The third ensures the preservation of the body warmth and is associated with leanness. Infants are born with just a cloth.

The second fat, which is considered by some researchers of the third kind, able to transform into white, which is not desirable for health. cold therapy, as well as its drug simulation allows for a short time to carry out the reverse conversion.

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