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Russia and China will hold joint military exercises in the South China Sea

Created: July 28, 2016
Russia and China will hold joint military exercises in the South China Sea
The naval forces of Russia and China will hold exercises in the South China Sea. This was announced by a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense Yang Yujun, his speech on Thursday, July 28 leads to Reuters.

"It is planned exercises two Navy to strengthen the emerging strategic partnership between China and Russia," - said Yujun, noting that they are not directed against third parties. The agency notes that the maneuvers will take place against a background of deterioration of the situation around the unrecognized islands in this area.

July 12 International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that China has no "historical rights" to the islands in the South China Sea and the Philippines actually violates the rights.

In Beijing, in turn, explained that "under no circumstances will the resolution of territorial disputes and maritime boundary delimitation third parties" and "China's armed forces will defend national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests of the country."

Two days later, Russia declared that it is not a party to the dispute over the islands, and does not intend to get involved in them.

In January 2013, Manila has filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice with a request to invalidate the line of the so-called "nine dotted lines" based on "historical rights" of China. Beijing refused to participate in the proceedings, calling a unilateral claim illegal and insisting that the court has no jurisdiction to consider the territorial disputes.

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