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People love sandwiches 500 years

Created: August 9, 2016
People love sandwiches 500 years
Paintings by European artists of the XVI century helped to understand what were the eating habits of people of that time. The study of diet on paintings by famous masters engaged researchers from several countries. Food on ancient paintings told about the taste preferences of our ancestors.

It turned out that the era of the Renaissance artists paintings show us, the descendants, not only to the skill level of the great authors and recognized geniuses, but also the life and the life of the inhabitants of that period. They can be considered a clear material suitable for several scientific studies.
Recently, pictures have helped scientists understand how people's preferences have changed in relation to food for the last five hundred years. One of the most interesting discoveries, which gave European paintings of the XVI century, was the fact that humanity is addicted sandwiches five centuries ago.

During the study, European scientists have carefully examined and described 750 paintings depicting food. And they saw that five hundred years ago, people chose a harmful and very high-calorie food. Especially popular among them are the bread and fatty meats. Bread can be found on 86 percent of the studied paintings, meat - by 61 per cent, vegetables - by 22 percentage paintings. From vegetables artists often portrayed artichokes, fruit - lemons. Often found in the pictures and shellfish.

Based on the analysis of paintings researchers concluded that people's tastes have not changed over the centuries: the Europeans and now choose the same products as their ancestors did once upon a time, preferring fat and high-calorie sandwiches, occasionally recalling about vegetables.

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