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North Korea staged the country's first beer festival

Created: August 15, 2016
North Korea staged the country's first beer festival
North Korea organized the first-ever beer festival was attended by over 800 people, according to Chinese CCTV channel.

The event takes place in a floating restaurant in Pyongyang. Guests can try a few varieties of dark and light beer, in particular, the production of beverages Taedonggang Korean factory. This company was founded by Kim Jong Il, writes portal NK News.

As beer snacks are served bread, nuts and chili pepper.

The festival, which started on August 12 last about 20 days, it will be possible to go from seven o'clock in the evening until midnight. One such festival is scheduled for September. It is timed to coincide with airshow in the town of Wonsan in the north-east of the country.

August 9th Yalta Municipality said that German businessmen are planning to organize in the Crimean city beer festival a la Oktoberfest. This event is scheduled for the end of September.

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