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China plans to build an underwater lab

Created: August 8, 2016
China plans to build an underwater lab
China is going to build a deep-sea platform in the South China Sea. This laboratory will enable China to extract minerals, as well as use the platform for military purposes in the event of conflict in the disputed waters. According to official information, which was communicated to the Chinese Ministry of Science, the base will be located at a depth of 3 kilometers in the South China Sea China Sea deep sea station has long been in the plans of the authorities.

Bloomberg News publication reported that the construction of the deep-sea station has been developed and presented in the framework of the five-year economic plan, which the authorities of China have approved in March 2016. to create an underwater base project took second place in the list of the top 100 scientific and technological priorities of the country. The fact that the platform will be located at a depth of three kilometers, said the press service of the Ministry of Science of China.

It is learned that recently the leadership of the country familiarized with the project of building the deep-water station and ordered to intensify the efforts of developers and construction engineers. By 2030, China plans to become a leader in the innovation plan. Experts report that the construction of this type of object it is theoretically possible. If the project is successful, China will be able to extract minerals and to use the base for military purposes, if you have questions on the disputed waters with its neighbors (and it is countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines).

Remember that Beijing, in turn, puts territorial claims on 80 per cent of marine areas.

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