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The scientists were able to "revive" the metal

Created: August 8, 2016
The scientists were able to
Liquid metal droplets learn to move independently.
Researchers at RMIT University in Australia were able to achieve an independent movement of the liquid metal droplets, reports Nature Communications. Perhaps this is the first step towards creating a "liquid terminator", shown in the popular American action movie.

"By changing the chemistry of the solution, we were able to get a drop of the liquid metal to move in the water and change shape without requiring the application of electrical or mechanical forces, simply by changing the concentration of acids, bases and salts," - commented on the work of one researcher Kourosh Kalantar-Zade.

Terminator today. Research prototypes cyborgs.

Using this system, scientists intend to create the moving mechanisms, switches and pumps that would move autonomously.

The authors note that each metal has a complex individual structure, which consists of a kind of cells with a nucleus, conducting current. Dipping into the solution of metal droplets with a large number of ions causes them to move.

Thus, by changing the concentration of ions in solution, the metal can be made to move in an arbitrary direction and to make specific functions.

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