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Proved lack of realism in the Universe

Created: November 23, 2016
Proved lack of realism in the Universe
Physicists from Austria, the US, China and Germany, watching the stars of the Milky Way, experimentally verified a violation of Bell's inequality. Thus, scientists have for the first time confirmed the violation of the principle of local realism in the cosmic scale. Preprint study is available at arXiv.org.

The feature of the experiment - the use of light stars, located within the Galaxy. The distant astronomical sources acted as quantum random number generators, which in experiments on Earth were created artificially.

Thus, as the authors note, the star became natural "cosmic generator settings." Conducted in real time tests, during which the measured polarization entangled photons, showed high statistical significance violation of Bell's inequality. Within the Milky Way, according to scientists, local realism is violated at least the last 600 years.

The involvement of a pair of particles involves the preservation of information about their condition even when they are separated by a distance. Such particles violate the principle of local realism, according to which can be influenced only by his inner circle on the state of the object.

Scientists have tried to preserve the principle of locality in the microcosm, suggesting that quantum mechanics contains the so-called hidden parameters, which does not account for the experimenter. The mathematical expression of this statement became Bell's inequality, and their violation indicates the absence of hidden parameters.

The concept of realism is true for classical mechanics, but not performed in most interpretations of quantum theory. In the philosophy of realism is more - the independence of the object from the subject.

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