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In Antarctica will be built "Noah's Ark" for glacier

Created: August 5, 2016
In Antarctica will be built
From August to September 2016 glaciologists will work on top of the Mont Blanc Glacier Col du House.

An international team of scientists embarked on a project Protecting Ice Memory, which is to preserve the valuable scientific information that is stored inside the endangered because of global warming, glaciers. Within its framework it will create an analogue of Noah's Ark - store samples extracted from alpine glaciers (from the German Gletscher - "Glacier"), writes Hronika.info with reference to the Telegraph .

From August to September 2016 glaciologists will work on top of the Mont Blanc on Col du Dôme, located on the border of France and Italy. Here they take ice cores - samples representing columns of compacted layers of snow.

They will be stored in the Antarctic Concordia Station, where the ice is examined for climate changes that have occurred in the past. Total will be extracted and transported three core length of 130 meters. For this purpose, scientists are going to use a helicopter.

In 2017, the researchers will conduct similar work on the glacier Illimani (Illimani) in Bolivia. In addition, scientists are going to extract the cores from glaciers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Russia and other countries.

Glaciologists believe that because of the rise in global temperatures intensive melting of glaciers will begin in the near future. Because of this process, information about the change in temperature and atmospheric conditions can be irretrievably lost.

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