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It proved an improvement of memory in brain electrical stimulation

Created: July 29, 2016
It proved an improvement of memory in brain electrical stimulation
Neuroscientists in the US and Switzerland have shown that electrical stimulation of the brain during sleep may improve working memory of humans and contribute to the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The study is published in the journal Current Biology, a brief about it informs edition EurekAlert!

The researchers analyzed the impact of TACS (transcranial alternating current stimulation - stimulation transcranial alternating current) during sleep on the working person's memory. Conducted under the supervision of specialists such an impact, according to the authors, it is able to improve the working of human memory.

Electrical stimulation has an impact, according to scientists, to sigma-rhythms of the human brain, recorded by electroencephalography. With this type of electrical activity of the brain, neuroscientists associate systematization and storage of received information the man before going to bed, as well as the further extraction and use of memories.

During the experiments during sleep stimulated the brain of 16 healthy men. Prior to this experiment participants were asked to remember certain information - a pair of word associations and collection of motor movements (finger taps). For one night the brain stimulated by members tACS, the next day, participants received a fictitious stimulation (placebo).

Every morning, the subjects passed the standard tests to keep track of changes in the degree of assimilation of information already received. Scientists have found no progress in memorizing word-association, but noticed a significant improvement in playback (after tACS compared with placebo) motor movements.

Scientists believe that the research conducted by them will be useful for the prevention and treatment of memory related disorders, particularly Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia. Previously, these same experts examined the effects of electrical stimulation on brain alpha waves, and creative activity.

tACS method is a noninvasive method for brain stimulation using the electrode pair. One of them is set on the occipital part of the skull, and the other - on the neck or top of the head. The area of ​​the second electrode three times greater than the first, which is supplied with an alternating voltage of 5 to 15 volts. Before the procedure, conducted under the supervision of specialists, the skin surface is wetted with saline.

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