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Laziness - a sign of high IQ

Created: August 9, 2016
Laziness - a sign of high IQ
Sloth - one of the factors that speak about human mental abilities. Scientists from Florida, USA, reported: people with outstanding intelligence, often self-absorbed. In this regard, they may be less mobile than those whose IQ below. Laziness is not only a sign of depression and ignorance of the case, but may be indicative of a high intellectual development of the individual.

Those who have downloaded a large number of cases, most often reflect an order of magnitude less. Scientists conducted an experiment in order to test this theory, it involves sixty students. Among young people we conducted a special test, which revealed among them intellectuals and less intelligent boys and girls. According to the results two groups were formed.

Volunteers perform all sorts of tasks entrusted to them. While special, put on the hand instruments with an accuracy determined by the degree of their mental as well as physical activity.

It was found that those students who were a group of intellectuals who were less physically active than those in the other group. Consciousness thinkers was entirely occupied by reflection, and for this reason they did bored.

But the opposite group was more mobile. The brain of those who were within it, was less busy processes associated with reflections, do not have any relationship to deal with their case.

However, not all scientists agree with this opinion. Many believe that it is not necessary to consider all the lazy people, without exception, smart. Earlier psychologists have reported that lazy of us makes our own brain.

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