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Aliens live on 20 planets

Created: August 8, 2016
Aliens live on 20 planets
As part of the mission, the Kepler has discovered more than four thousand exoplanets that are included in the list of potentially habitable. Now astrophysicists away from them a little more than twenty pieces, where they will look for advanced civilizations. The study of exoplanets is thorough.

An international team of researchers identified the planet, according to the conditions more similar to Earth. Now it is faced with the task to focus on the study of extrasolar planets and find out whether they can live with.

If you take up the study of the large number of exoplanets, Kepler telescope sees that, it will take too much time and will not bring success. That is why researchers have significantly narrowed the search field. In all the planet's climate can be different. This means that, theoretically, the evolution could easily go different ways.

Planets are potentially suitable for life, astrophysics were selected according to several criteria. One of them was the distance from the parent star. If ekzopaneta is too close to its star, it will be observed on very strong greenhouse effect, like on Venus. And if it is too far away, any water on its surface is frozen as on Mars. Exoplanets sorted by size and yet: experts expressed a preference for small rocky planets and gas giants are not large. In the near future 20 selected objects the scientists will study in detail with the help of astronomical instruments available to mankind.

Note that the study and cataloging of four thousand planets detected by the Kepler, took three years. We worked on it, NASA experts and representatives of several American universities.

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