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We find the deepest blue hole!

Created: July 29, 2016
We find the deepest blue hole!
A new survey of blue holes in the South China Sea has shown that the underwater cave is the deepest in the world. It is reported Live Science.

Chinese scientists claim that the dragon hole (Lundun) in depth reaches 300 meters. Located close to the object of a coral reef Yongle, in the uninhabited Paracel Islands .

Previously considered the deepest Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas (202 meters). Nevertheless, the Chinese opening to be confirmed by international experts.

Locals believe that this Lundun mentioned in the XVI century classic novel "Journey to the West" , where the Monkey King Sun Wukong received from the underwater kingdom of the dragon magic stick.

Chinese scientists have examined the blue hole with the help of an underwater robot and depth sensors. The upper portions of the holes are found more than 20 species of marine animals, but at a depth of over 100 meters, where there is almost no oxygen, and life disappears.

Blue hole called sinkholes filled with water, located below sea level. Blue holes presumably been formed as a result of various processes karst. Then, when the sea level rose to its present level, the funnel steel underwater caves. The name of the blue holes received from the contrast of deep dark blue waters and lighter waters around.

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