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The Australian continent has shifted

Created: August 8, 2016
The Australian continent has shifted
Over the past 22 years, Australia has changed its position, as a result has become one and a half meters further north. In this regard, the government has decided to officially change the current position of the continent in accordance with relevant today latitude and longitude, which occupied the continent. Australia has moved, and this fact can not be ignored.

Australian lithospheric plate very quickly moved to the northeast. The speed of its movement is approximately seven centimeters a year. Such active offset plates, often leads to earthquakes. But at the moment, the only obvious result of the continent's movement, was to change the country's situation from the usual us.

As we can notice these changes in your everyday life? When you use Google Maps service your device receives a signal from one of the GPS satellites in orbit. After receiving the necessary information, it can calculate the latitude and longitude of your location, and then display the data on a map. In Australia, all numbers will be not accurate, because the location is already outdated, and as we already know, the continent shifted to one and a half meters to the north.

Progress in the modern world is not standing still. In a short time, should see cars with the autopilot and then this error in one and a half meters could be a very real problem. To solve this problem, the authorities have announced a change of coordinates of the continent by 2017. It is noteworthy that by 2020 Australia could move even a few

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