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Apple will earn three billion dollars on Pokemon GO

Created: August 7, 2016
Apple will earn three billion dollars on Pokemon GO
Apple Inc. will earn $ 3 billion for purchases of built-in mobile application Pokemon GO. On Thursday, July 21, with reference to the brokerage firm Needham & Co According to Reuters.

The agency notes that the game itself is downloaded from the AppStore for free, but Apple can get a large profit from the built-in app purchases. For example, a 100 game currency units PokeCoins will cost users 99 cents and 14.5 thousand coins will have to pay almost 100 dollars.

According to the analyst Needham & Co Laura Martin, the number of users who spend money on the purchase of built-in Pokemon GO, 10 times the number of people who buy additional bonuses in the popular game Candy Crush. Its revenues for the years 2013-2014 amounted to more than a billion dollars.

Pokemon GO officially launched in 35 countries. As of July 18, it only downloaded about 21 million people in the United States.

According to Reuters, Apple's stock price has increased by five percent since the start of the application, and the company Nintendo has increased in price more than doubled and surpassed Sony's market capitalization.

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