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Moto insurance

Moto insurance
No matter what type of information you need to know about motorcycle insurance―including types of coverages, state requirements, where to get quotes, how to find the best rates, how to take advantage of discounts, and how to cancel a policy―you can find it here. All presented in an unbiased, educational, easy-to-read manner. And, we cover other types of motorbike insurance, too, such as moped, scooter, and dirt bike.

Tips for Buying Motorcycle Insurance
Most states require motorcycle riders to have a motorcycle insurance policy that includes liability insurance coverages. This will help ensure that you are able to pay for property damage or bodily injuries suffered by others in an accident that&nb... Read more

Motorcycle Theft and Your Insurance
Motorcycle Theft and Your Insurance Motorcycle theft is common problem in cities across the United States. One theft claim can raise your motorcycle insurance rates and can potentially cost you a great deal of money out of pocket, especially if y... Read more

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Motorcycle insurance provides for anything from a moped to a chopper, but knowing what types of coverage to purchase can be confusing. Here, we’ll walk you through answers to some common questions about motorcyc... Read more

9 Tips to Save on Motorcycle Insurance
9 Tips to Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, there are approximately 8.4 million motorcycles on the road in the U.S. In 2011 alone, 81,000 motorcycle rid... Read more

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Motorcycles
Uninsured Motorist Coverage for Motorcycles According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
  • 80% of collisions involving a motorcycle result in injury or death to the rider.
  • A motorcycle rider is 35 tim... Read more

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Coverage
Choosing the Right Motorcycle Coverage If you own a car, then deciding which insurance options make sense for your motorcycle may seem pretty straightforward. The following coverage types are generally recommended for both passenger vehicles and ... Read more

Switch Motorcycle Insurance Providers
If you own a motorcycle, you should be aware of the importance of motorcycle insurance. Not only will a strong policy that includes optional coverages such as comprehensive and collision help financially protect your bike, most states require you t... Read more

Cancel A Motorcycle Insurance Policy
In most states, if you own a motorcycle and plan on riding it on public roads, you are required to have motorcycle insurance. While your motorcycle insurance policy is very important, there may come a time when you will need to cancel your motorcyc... Read more

Get the Most out of Your Motorcycle Insurance
In order to legally ride your motorcycle in the United States, you must maintain adequate motorcycle insurance coverage (or a legal equivalent, such as a bond). Take the following steps to get the most out of your motorbike insurance policy: Read more

Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Deciding How Much Motorcycle Insurance You Need 

You can compare motorcycle insurance quotes online, or by contacting the Insurance Department in your state. Prior to speaking with an insurance agent, make sure you know&n... Read more


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