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Moto insurance

Moto insurance
No matter what type of information you need to know about motorcycle insurance―including types of coverages, state requirements, where to get quotes, how to find the best rates, how to take advantage of discounts, and how to cancel a policy―you can find it here. All presented in an unbiased, educational, easy-to-read manner. And, we cover other types of motorbike insurance, too, such as moped, scooter, and dirt bike.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverages 101
Most states require you to have motorcycle liability insurance to help pay for property damage or bodily injury suffered by others in a crash for which you are found to be the at-fault driver. In addition to requiring liability insurance, most stat... Read more

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance
While most motorcycle riders are highly dedicated to keeping their motorcycles in top shape, unfortunate things do happen. You may find that somehow your keys fell out of your pocket and you have no way to start your bike. Maybe something went wr... Read more

Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Most states have set their own minimum limits for liability insurance coverages that drivers and motorcyclists must have in that state in order to comply with its insurance laws. If you are involved in an accident caused by a driver or motorcycli... Read more

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
If you wish to operate a standard vehicle or motorcycle, you will find that the vast majority of states require you to have liability insurance to help cover costs associated with property damage or injuries suffered by others in a traffic accident... Read more

Personal Injury Protection Insurance
Personal injury protection (PIP), also known as "no-fault insurance," is required in a handful of states for standard vehicles. No-fault laws, however, generally do not apply to motorcycles, which means you likely do not have to purchase personal i... Read more

Medical Payments Insurance
Medical payments insurance for motorcycle riders may not be required in most states, but it can be a smart investment that can save you a considerable amount of money down the road. Let"s take a look at why.

What Is Motorcycle Medical Paymen... Read more

Property Damage Liability Insurance
In most states, you are required to have motorcycle liability insurance for your bike. This type of insurance helps protect you financially if you are found to be at fault for a traffic accident. Specifically, it helps pay for costs ... Read more

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance
Motorcycle Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Liability insurance is the type of motorcycle insurance coverage most often legally required by states. This type of insurance helps ensure that you are able to pay for any damages or injuries to other... Read more

Collision Insurance For Motorcycles
As you shop around for motorcycle insurance, you will probably notice that the most commonly required motorcycle insurance is liability insurance, which only covers other people"s property damage or injuries after an accident you cause. If y... Read more

Comprehensive Physical Damage Insurance
Most states require you to have liability motorcycle insurance to help pay for property damage or injuries suffered by others in an accident that you cause. But what about your own property damage or injuries? Comprehensive motorcycle coverage can ... Read more


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