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Cars Insurance

Cars Insurance
Whether you need to learn about the pros and cons of cheap car insurance or you just need to refresh your memory about the best ways to shop for car insurance, you'll find it all right here. We explain the basics of buying car insurance to help you become a savvy shopper before you ever request a quote.

Collector Car Insurance

Insurance Coverage Considerations

Different insurance providers have varying guidelines and procedures when it comes to insuring collector vehicles. In general, however, insurance agents will consider certain criteria before approvi... Read more

How Car Insurance Companies Calculate Risk

Demographics Affect Risk Calculations

Car insurance companies consider demographic characteristics as they calculate the risk associated with insuring you. Consider the following:
  • Drivers under 25 years old and those ov... Read more

What to Know Before You Sign an Auto Insurance Policy

The Five Parts of a Car Insurance Contract

Most car insurance policies have the same 5 basic parts. 1. Declarations page (AKA “Dec Page”). This section is like your personal profile. It has the length of your policy, yo... Read more

Auto Insurance Consumer Complaints

Types of Complaints

There are numerous possible types of complaints. Distinguishing between them can help you decide how much weight to give them when selecting a car insurance company. “Valid complaints" include state-recognized complai... Read more


Find a Reputable Source for Car Insurance Quotes

Basically, there are two ways you can shop for auto insurance online:
  1. Shop for quotes directly from a car insurance company’s website.
  2. Shop for quotes from web... Read more

Find A Reliable Car Insurance Company

Research Each Car Insurance Provider"s Ratings

Several consumer reporting groups and business rating organizations provide detailed ratings of various auto insurance companies. As you research insurance providers, note their <... Read more

Buy Car Insurance Through Direct Providers

Direct Car Insurance Providers Defined

First, let"s define direct car insurance providers. Direct providers are companies that sell insurance to you―the customer―directly. Direct providers are also known as direct writers, bec... Read more

Reasons to Buy Auto Insurance Through Local Car Insurance Agents

Why Buy Local?

When you purchase your car insurance through a local agent or broker, you"ll be working with someone who is familiar with your state and city, as well as the full offerings of the companies they represent.

Local Agents ... Read more

Driving Habits & Car Insurance

When to Increase Your Car Insurance

While purchasing less car insurance coverages can help you save on your car insurance rates, there are some scenarios where you might want to actually consider purchasing more car insurance. When it co... Read more

Car Insurance to Cover Your Assets

What Are Personal Assets?

Simply put, personal assets have monetary value. Examples of personal assets include, but aren"t limited to:
  • Tangible assets such as:


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