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Meat and seafood

Meat and seafood
Meat and fish are one of the main products of our diet. So what do we know about it?

It is a tiny common salt water forage fish that has a very strong flavor. Anchovies are rich in healthy protein, essential vitamins (vitamin E and D) and minerals (calcium). They impart a salty and not a fishy flavor when added in dressings. Read more

Hindi Name: Bhangra

A type of seawater fish that is often barbecued, baked or grilled. It is also known as Bhangra. Like any other fish, mackerel is high in omega-3 oils. It is eaten fondly for its firm flesh. This fish c... Read more

Cat fish
Catfish are fish which have no scales. It has been a part of African cuisine since hundreds of years. In Central Europe it is treated as a delicacy. It can be eaten in a variety of ways like for example in Indonesia it is often grilled whereas in In... Read more

Hindi Name: Khubbe

Clams are two-shelled molluscs related to the same family of scallops and oysters. They are usually found in the coastal water and shallow freshwater lakes. Most varieties of clams are edible. Secured b... Read more

Hindi Name: Rohu

Growing in deep and cold waters, Cod belongs to the family Gadidea as Haddock and Pollock. It is a marine fish that generally survives near the bottom to grow, survive and reproduce. It is very popular fo... Read more

Cuttle fish
Also known as ink fish, cuttle fish is deep water dwelling water mollusc. Its flesh tastes like squid and octopus. It has a long, elongated body with tentacles surrounding its mouth. The cuttle fish has several regional names like nargate, sepia and... Read more

Fish Fillet
A boneless, flat piece of meat or fish. It is a type of cut or slice of meat. Unlike steak, it is cut parallel to the spine and comprises of skeletal muscle and fat. They do not contain the backbone of the fish and are therefore easier to eat. A k... Read more

Hindi Name: Machchli

A limbless cold-blooded vertebrate with gills and fins and living wholly in water, it is a very popular seafood consumed with great interest all over the world. Fish should be stored in the coldest pa... Read more

Fish Stock
Hindi Name: Machchli ka Shorba

Flavored strained liquid made from fresh fish parts, water and seasoning is often termed as fish stock. The kind of animal meat used determines the variety of stock. The principal ingredient... Read more

Hindi Name: Sole / Morrul

Also known as fluke, it is a flat-fish found mostly in shallow waters which transforms from a normal fish to flat fish in adulthood. It is commonly found in the coastal areas of southern Gulf of ... Read more


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