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Hindi Name: Khubani

Apricot is a type of juicy fruit belonging to the peach family and is mostly cultivated in cold climatic regions. Apricots vary in taste as some have sweet kernels and some have bitter kernels. They are used in desserts and few are also added to meat dishes. Turkey is the leading producer of apricots. Laetrile, an alternative treatment for cancer, is extracted from apricot seeds. Apricots are low in calories and rich in dietary fibers.

Availability and Usage
The ones with sweet kernels are used for consumption purposes whereas the ones with bitter kernels are used for extraction of oil and have cosmetic and medicinal value. Apricot oil extracted by traditional methods is costlier in the market as compared to the one extracted through modern methods because it is believed to be pure and healthier. In Ladakh, this fruit is associated with livelihood as well as its traditional culture and is the most important fruit in that region.

Nutritional Value
1. They are very rich in Vitamin A and hence are good for eyesight.
2. It helps develop resistance against infectious agents as it is rich in Vitamin C.
3. Beta-carotene in apricots helps lower cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart diseases.
4. Presence of antioxidant lycopene helps strengthen the immune system.
5. Being rich in antioxidants, apricot seeds help reduce the risk of cancer and tumor.

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